Saturday, June 4, 2011


Lately, I've been doing a great amount of observing of other people. So many things that I see frustrate me, make me scratch my head, make me want to scream and then in the end once Matt and I have discussed the observation, I usually just want to cry because I'm so sad for the people I'm observing. I've been diligently trying to allow the frustration to pass quickly, discuss it with the Lord or Matt (depending on the particular situation) and then allow my heart to feel for that person.
Here are just some of the things I've observed lately.

1. People spending WAY more money than they have. 
Ever since I watched "The Blessed Life" video series by Pastor Robert Morris at the Amite Church of Christ when I was in college and truly felt the Lord burden my heart for tithing, offering and being an excellent steward, it has BAFFLED me that others would choose not to do the same. I personally believe that tithing to God is the first step in being able to be financially free and sound no matter how much money you make. Next, you cannot spend more than you make. I've observed that people's priorities are completely skewed. Matt and I are in shock of the responsibilities people avoid (Family, friends, bills, etc) to buy those things that they think they MUST have. The culture is packed with people like this right now. What ever happened to saving until you had the money to buy something instead of buying it that day on a credit card and spending 30 years to pay it off?
Lord, burden your people's hearts to live as financially stable people. Amen.

2. Spouses don't spend time with each other as much as they spend time with other people.

Now, before I go too far. I realize that Matt and I have only been married for 5+ months but I pray that for the rest of our lives that we are the people that we each want to "Get away with for a week", etc. It makes my heart ache to see couples who are spending so much time apart. Now, let me clarify. I absolutely think that we as individuals need "Girl time" or "Man Time" for us and our husbands separately especially when children enter our families because it helps people grow. However, I don't believe this time should be in excess to those "Couple times" or "Date nights". For instance, if you as a spouse have not spent a night out with you sweetheart in a month, you need to cancel you night out separately and come together as a couple. And let me just say this, I think those times need to be alone often as well. Don't just have double dates all of the time. Spend a date night just the two of you sharing your dreams, realities, joys, sadnesses etc. Also, something I read years back before marriage even appeared to be on the horizon for me was about married vacations. Take a vacation with your spouse every year. Even if you can only afford 1 or 2 nights away in a hotel in the same town- Do it! Especially do it more often than you are taking trips separately. Remember guys, aside from your relationship with Christ, you marriage must come next for it survive and thrive!
Lord, Burden your people's hearts to be lovers of their spouses. Revive marriages! Amen

3. People cannot drive!!!!!

Use your blinker, folks. And if you drive near me and you hear a horn honking, it might be me ;-)

4. If you refuse to relax your standards as a believer, other folks get mad. 

When Matt and I got married, we decided that there were some things that we would not do and some things that we would always do. I won't share all of these because they don't apply. However, many of these are our boundaries that aid us in living the lives we believe we need to live. It is crazy to me that people close to us, even those in our own families at times treat us like we are aliens because we refuse (nicely of husband can't be anything but nice, seriously) to bend or break our boundaries. Let me say this, at this point in time God will have to change the boundary because we aren't budging.
Lord, shows us your ways, show us your thoughts. They are so much higher and greater than our own!

I'll stop here for now. Love you guys so much!

Til then-
Did you hear about the Morgans?

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