Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Morgan's Movements 2018: Week 27

Well, most of this post is 2 to 3 weeks old and while I'm not necessarily in the mood to post it, I do want to have this to look back on one day. 

I believe this actually took place during the week before this but I forgot the picture. Maddox asked for a pillow and a blanket for the first time for going to sleep. 

This was him later in the evening when we went to check on him. 😂

And Mason because why not? 

Monday morning, we met Kris and her girls at the rail trail to bike, scooter, stroll, walk and run. It was hot but we had a blast. 

Love him. 

Tuesday morning, I took the boys to the park and they were enthralled with the green waste truck. Who needs playground equipment?! 

Yep, still at the park....not playing on the playground. haha! 

Truly, I don't care. They played their hearts out. I just always have to laugh when we go to a park and don't play with their main attractions. :) 

We made a trip to Home Depot hoping to see Dad but instead just got to ride the lawnmowers. Dad was very busy! 

Love time with this one! 

We also helped with farm chores this week and on our way one day, we got to see lots of deer! 


Boys were in awe. 

A little closer up. 

I never try to match them. But sometimes, it just happens. haha! 

After our farm chores, we went home to change and then went to Chick-Fil-A for story time. 

Snuggles and smiles. 

Just a little reading...

Playdoh is fun! 

That Thursday afternoon, we headed to our appointment and when I texted my friend to let her know we were returning with sad news, she sent me these. Two of my greatest blessings. Even in the hard, may I never take them for granted. 

That evening, we just wanted to get out of the house and try to take our minds off of things so we went to Golden Corral. A buffet of comfort food was sure to help, right? 





Seems to have worked! 

Friday, we took it easy. I set the boys up on the couch with a show and breakfast. Oops, caught Mason mid-blink. 

The boys boys stuck close. Without words, they still seemed to know it was necessary. 


We didn't realize it then but Maddox was likely showing signs of the coming sickness on this day as well. 

A friend messaged and dropped these off. I cried. Yep, donuts made me cry. 

That afternoon, Maddox and I played a bit. He cooked for me. :) 

These two snuggled. 

We took the boys to a friend's house for a sleepover and while we were at the hospital Saturday, they were exploring the farm and another farm as well. 



Man, I love this one. When I was in bed, he came to me and gave me some love. Again, he was mostly about his daddy this week but I'm so glad he made some time for me. :) 

Sunday morning, Matt took the boys to the park because it was incredibly cool outside. 

Unfortunately, it was short lived because the fevers started. 

Worn out. 


It was obviously a tough ending to this week but when we saw these sleeping faces in their beds, we just had to thank the Lord for them. Yep, even in the hard, God is still good.