Monday, November 20, 2017

The Gift by Shelley Shepard Gray {A Book Review}

The Gift by Shelley Shepard Gray is the third book in The Amish of Hart County series. (Disclaimer: While this is a series, I did not feel this book was connected to the previous two books at all and I think it could easily be read as a stand alone book.). 

The Gift shares the story of a family who recently moved to Hart County and begins to face many trials. One of the daughters is in a wagon accident at the outset and as the story progresses, there are other trials that come. You learn that the family of the injured daughter purchased land from another family who was forced to sell because of some bad decisions. It seems that not everyone feels the family purchased the property fairly and that is what impacts the progression of the tale. The story has many twists and turns and in the end, I was truly shocked to find out who was the behind all of the tragic things that happened in the book. 

I loved the characters in this book which were mainly from two families. I think Gray did a great job developing those characters, too. I also enjoyed that there were some out of the ordinary storylines in the book. It wasn't completely predictable, although some parts were, and it kept me wanting to see what happened next. 

If you enjoy fiction, christian fiction, and/or Amish fiction I think this would be a great Christmas time read. 

**I received this book for free.**

Friday, November 17, 2017

Our Boys...

We have been trying for two weeks to get a Christmas card photo and it has not worked out. I mean, why is it so hard sometimes!?! 
However, in the the mean time, Matt has captured some great pictures of our boys separately. Man, I love these guys so much. There is so much personality that our house can barely hold it. 

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Deck The Halls! {November 2017}

This past Saturday, we decked the halls! One or all of us will be traveling for 10+ days in December and we will be house sitting for friends for the week of Thanksgiving so we wanted as much time as possible with our decorations! 
Matt took the boys to McDonalds and I got all of the decorations out. We decided against the big tree this year because Maddox is into everything and we didn't want to spend the whole season keeping him away from the tree. 😉

They came home and I had everything ready to go! 
Those boys were excited! 

Daddy, too! 

Our neighbor gave us this tree a few years ago and it's perfect for the boys' room. 

Love them. 

My helpers were in full effect for sure! 





We put a few decorations outside, too. 


And on the windows of course! 

We decorated the mantle, too, but I forgot pictures. 

We also gave the boys their 2017 ornaments. A monster truck for Mason and Ketchup for Maddox because the boy loves Ketchup! ;) 

Maddox keeps walking up to the tree and saying, "WOW!" 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Mason Says & Does {23}

We went to a local park and Mason hugged a light pole, "It's just like Dad!" 😂😂😂

While waiting for food at a fast food restaurant: 
Mom: That's the lady who took our order buddy. 
Mason: Oh no! Is she going to keep it?!? 

Maddox was calling for me one morning before wake-up time and Mason said, "No, Maddox! Go to sleep!" 

Mason got into trouble and he was going to get a spanking. He said, "Mom, can I have grace and not get any spankings?"

We were heading to a consignment sale and my mom was in town. I told Mason we were going and he said he would get toys. I asked him how and he said, "GiGi will give me money!" #HeWasRight

Matt stopped Mason from dumping out a whole thing of cars by saying "Remember you have to clean those up if you do that." So, Maddox then dumped them a few minutes later and Mason says to Matt, "Dad, now you have to clean them all because Maddox doesn't know how." #Boom

Mason loads up into the cozy coupe and yells, "GOODBYE! I'M GOING TO POPPOP AND GRAMMY'S HOUSE! HOPE I DON'T GET STUCK IN TRAFFIC!" Then he went over to Maddox and gave him a kiss before leaving.

"TOW TRUCK! We cannot be here all day!"

Buddy, we are going to see some people soon. "Everyone in the world?!?" 

While driving home from Nashville, "Maddox! Guess what! Good news! We are close to home!"

Mason, bedtime is at 7:00."Well, the clock says 656" UH OH!!! 

While at the fire station open house, "I would like 9, no 10 slices of pizza. "

Mason, what would you like for breakfast on your birthday?

We found $10 in Mason's jean pocket that we are fairly certain came from my mom a couple of month's ago. He said, "that surprised us!"

"Why do doctors make babies?" 😳

"On Halloween, we wait until dark, put on our costumes and go trick or treating." Well, guess we can't hide trick or treating anymore. ;-)

"Tomorrow when we get to the beach, it will be my birthday again and I'll be five!"

"I can't wait to drive my cars on the beach!" 😍😍😍

Matt and Mason were at the toy store and Mason was looking at a toy and got so excited to see a toy. "Dad! This holds 50 cars!" Who knew he knew what the number 50 looked like! :) 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Morgan's Movements {Week 45}

Whoa, we are so close to the end of 2017! The cold weather definitely seems to have settled in this week. That coupled with the time change left us, me especially, a little crazy! 

Monday morning Matt took Mason to speech and Maddox decided to do some light reading. :) 
Gah, so sweet. 

Later than morning, Mason had his 4 year check up. That went really well initially but a long wait due to an overbooked doctor made it a little crazy. However, we survived and since we love our Doc, it was worth it. :) 

And after shots and such, we rewarded this big boy with a Panera smoothie. (We love Panera rewards and this week that meant we got a week of free smoothies! Best reward ever!) 

That afternoon after nap, we ran an errand and then stopped by the library. We had just planned to play for a bit but there was a Star Wars event going on and Mason asked to go. :) 

While he pottied, Maddox and I took a few pictures. They are off center but his little smile! 😍😍😍

Both of the boys had a blast at the event! 




Maddox took a train later than evening before dinner. ;) 

Tuesday morning we were up early and headed to the park. It was a weird temp day but the park was almost empty. Maddox got a head bump but was fine. We played for over an hour before heading home. 

That evening, Mason took $15 from his birthday money and Matt took him to the store to get a toy. They were there for 1.5 hours before he picked something. 😂😂😂 Matt said they had the best time though. 

Wednesday after our speech appointment, Maddox was WORN out! 

After a short morning nap and lunch, we headed to Home Depot to explore the Christmas decorations. Between HD, Target and Wal-Mart, we will probably do this at least weekly until Christmas. :) 

That evening, Mason was SO proud of his new PJs from Matt's co-worker and her son. That crinkly nose. :) 

The next morning, I documented a day in our life, well I tried anyway and those pictures are below. 
It started with a car wreck right outside of our house. Thankfully, the driver was fine but that definitely got us all up and going! 

Mason loved watching the police car and tow truck while he waited for breakfast. 

Time to get dressed. Some days this takes an hour, some days 5 minutes. Thankfully this was a 5 minute day! :) 

Quick stop at Aldi. 

Errands, speech

Milestone hit on the car! 

Breakfast for me. YUM! I love eggs. 

Reading with Mason. 

Friends stopped by to bring Mason a birthday present and I read everyone a book. Cuties. 


I usually blog, read, and/or watch a show during the boys nap time. I had planned to blog this day and watch a show but shortly after this picture, the internet went out. 

Work for me. 

I ran by Panera and picked up the smoothie and brought it home. There were some happy Morgan guys! 

We ended the night with snuggles and a show. Love my guy. 

Friday started with a BANG. I mean, you think he likes the yogurt!?!? And big brother just needed a picture, too. :) 


We went to Wal-Mart that morning and then hung at home before making a run by the pet store. Mason wants a pet so much. One day, Bud! 

Friday evening was so nice! Matt had a quick photoshoot and then we were all outside to play and grill. I needed these moments with this big boy. He and I are such big personalities and we are clashing lately. The sweet moments make the UGH ones a little less ugh. ;) 

His shield with a cross on it. So impressive! 

Love Him. 

Two boys watching Daddy grill. 

Saturday, we decked the halls! I'll share some of those pictures later. We also just played at home for much of the day. 

Matt had a photoshoot that evening and then we went to dinner. We tried The Mason Jar in Greer and it was just okay. But they got bonus points for having a kid's play area. Yeah!