Friday, December 14, 2018

The Morgan's Movement 2018 {Week 48}

Monday morning smiles from all of my guys while I was at PT. 

Before Matt headed to work, they snuggled up for a show.

Lunch with my guys. 

Look at that snuggle bug. 

We had planned for LEGO block party but Maddox's nose was running a bit so we stayed home and had LEGO block party at home.

Then the boys took a shower together. I'm not sure when they both decided to like showers but I'm not complaining!

They curled up to watch a Christmas movie after that. :) I could not handle the cuteness. 


On Dickens of a Christmas night, this guy and I had some fun together at home. 

The next morning, Maddox and I did some sorting while Mason worked on another task. 

Cold but cute. 


We went to Chick-Fil-A story time where Maddox won the book AGAIN! He's a lucky little guy!


That evening, I got a haircut. Feeling good! 

Look at these snuggles. 

Time for BSF

One afternoon, Matt took the boys to the children's museum and then to Moe's for dinner. 

Friday, we had fun with friends and made cinnamon/applesauce ornaments. 


That night, we headed to The Christmas House to see lights. So fun! 

The snack of choice that night. 

We had dinner at the new pizza shop in town, Rapid Fired. So yummy! 


Thursday, December 13, 2018

Dickens of a Christmas {November 2018}

Matt and Mason went to Dickens of a Christmas a couple of weeks ago. They had the best time despite the freezing cold! 
Their first stop was Downtown Deli and Donuts for a sandwich and Mac & cheese. According to them, it was delicious! 

The live nativity was beautiful but Matt said they surely had to have been miserable! 

Mason danced his way through downtown. 



And sugar cookies...yep, SUGAR RUSH! 

Here come the lights! 

Hi, Santa!! 

Next year, we all hope to go!