Thursday, May 26, 2016

Baby Updates


***As of this posting, I'm now 37.5 weeks. I'm just putting everything into a word-heavy post for ease!***

Alright,  I don't know when all of this information will get posted but I wanted to write it all down so I don't forget it.

5/14/16--all had been well until dinner time when we went out to eat for an early Father's Day dinner for Matt. At dinner, I got some blurry vision which was a concern. We packed our food up and headed home. When we returned home, I had some tingling/numbness in my hand but this is apparently not completely out of the ordinary at this point in pregnancy. I rest most of that evening and felt pretty good overall.

5/15/16---I woke up feeling good, made breakfast and started getting ready for church. I started to get short of breath and felt very tired. That was that, I was resting for the rest of the day. The baby was moving a TON so I wasn't super concerned especially since I had an appointment on Monday at 8:00 a.m.

5/16/16--appointment was 8:00; the night before we had the foresight to ask Grandmom and Granddad if they would mind if Mason could hang with them for a while just in case the appointment ran long. That was a good choice. At the appointment, BP was 145/91; heartbeat for baby was 142 and all looked well but the BP was a concern given my history of preeclampsia with Mason. They had me lay down on my left side for several minutes and when they rechecked BP was down in the normal range. Doc was still wanting me to have a urine test done to rule out preeclampsia. Matt and I headed to the hospital under the instructions: give a urine sample and have the results in 30-45 minutes. HA! I had to undress, put on the fetal monitor, wear the gown, the works. They drew blood and took urine and monitored BP etc, etc etc. BP was high at first but settled for the remainder of the stay and all labs came back normal. I was not told to go on bedrest but told to rest as much as possible and if I was still working (which I'm not), I wouldn't have been allowed to go back to work.
I was then scheduled for a non-stress test on Thursday to follow up with baby.

5/17-19--looooooooottttttttsssss of resting for this girl! I had a few periods of feeling blah but overall the rest made life MUCH easier! Friends came over to visit. Matt helped a TON each evening by taking Mason outside or somewhere to do something. We watched plenty of movies, played lots of simple games and activities and made plenty of simple lunches so that life was just EASY.

5/19/16--at 2:00 p.m., I had a non-stress test (NST) and all was well. Baby was moving well and heart rate stayed within normal limits for the whole test. My BP was normal and I wasn't having contractions. He said I didn't have to stay home and do nothing but he still wants me resting  since the normal BP could be a direct result of the rest and we obviously don't want to mess that up!

5/20-5/22-- we got out some on all three days but it had be pretty wiped out after. Honestly, that's just 37 weeks pregnant on a normal day! So, I got out and rested so that was good.

5/23/16--37 week check at OB and all was well. BP was normal for me. Baby's heartrate was 144 and nothing else was happening. I'm supposed to go back Monday unless something changes.

These pics are from my morning at the hospital.

This may be my last update before the baby comes. We shall see. :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Mason Says....{3}

 Goodness, the things our little guy says/does are getting more and more enjoyable! 

One day last week I asked Mason to put his chair in his room. When he picked it up and began walking to his room, he said "Cuse me Fan. Cuse me wall. Cuse me door." It was the cutest thing ever! And also pretty amazing that he now understands the whole point of "excuse me"

When we had A over to play one day, she had to go to time out for something. My little one decided to do the same thing that she had just done which also happens to be something we don't allow at our house. I said "Mason, do you want to go to timeout for that?" and he said "Uh huh!" He intentionally did it so that he could go to time out with his friend!!!! I had to apologize for ruining the time out moment for A because I could not stop laughing! 

We had a fresh pineapple for breakfast last week and we were almost done with it. I said "There's going to be a happy Morgan boy later on when he gets to drink this pineapple juice!"Mason paused and looked at Matt and I both and then put his hand on his chest and said "ME?!?!?" Matt and I couldn't stop laughing!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Morgan's Movements {Mid-May 2016}

Here comes SUMMER!!! May is moving right along and June is a BIG month for these Morgans!
Let's see what's been going on! 
We had to make stop by Dollar Tree for some thank you notes and Mason found the PERFECT accessory! :) 

We also got to try out a new storytime and it was great! It was after nap and the leader was upbeat and fun. I hope we get to go back soon!

The weather has been beautiful lately and we have soaked it up as much as we could. It's made for great park play time. Mason showed a new buddy all of his secret spots at our favorite park. :)

After our park morning, we headed to the grocery store and Mason found the perfect grilling tool! :)

That afternoon, we had a little pot/pan fun in the kitchen. We matched lids up and made "kitchen sink" soup!:)

We've been incorporating more "room time" for Mason where he just gets a few toys and goes into his room to play for 20-30 minutes. We've also been trying to do more independent reading time. We read All. Day. Long. but mostly together. This picture shows my little guy and I reading during our independent time. Love him so!

Speaking of independent? Mr. Mr. wanted to make his own toast for breakfast. :)

One afternoon brought some outside time while Matt trimmed some bushes. Mason and I offered moral support and Mason got dirty feet in the process. That's when you know it's a good day!

We had a popcorn and movie afternoon and Matt introduced Mason to a few minutes of the Sandlot. They didn't make it far but Mason loved the few baseball scenes.

Mom and Mason snuggle time watching "Beachfront Bargain Hunt"

Monday brought some craziness at my OB appt (I'll update more on that soon, but all is good!) and I landed myself a week of rest which meant lots of snuggles for me and my little guy.

AND!!!! Our 88 year old neighbor brought over this amazing homemade strawberry pie. Mason and I couldn't have been more excited!!! We dug right in and even shared some for Matt. ;-)

These silly boys had some backwards hat time. They are such characters!

We had a playdate with A (and her momma)! It was probably the worst playdate we've had with them. The kids were whiny and catty and it was a mess. We had a good laugh out of it after! :)

Thankfully that afternoon got better and Mason helped me solve the "What's for dinner?" question by making pancake batter with me. :) 

After he took off his apron, he pointed to The Home Depot logo and said "Ma! Da work!" So smart!

One of my favorite scenes each evening. All the love.

Since we were essentially homebound for 4 days, we got creative!
Playdoh fun!

Movie fun!

Snuggle fun!

Just more fun! ;-)

Imaginative play is this boy's favorite and it makes me smile each and every time! Today his chair was his car garage.

Waiting on Daddy to come home so he could get out of the house. :)


Even though our last playdate with A & K was awful, we tried again!
Mason was ready!!

And guess what??? They had the BEST TIME!!!

We love our friends so much!

Later that afternoon, Mason and I watched a few fire truck videos on YouTube. Mason literally watched this video of Fire Truck Responding for 9 minutes. 9 minutes! Boy brains are interesting!

That afternoon's activity with Dad was the book store! Here he is "riding the horse" haha!

Doctor Mason is also here which is why this majorly pregnant momma doesn't mind being home alone with him. ;-)

Friday morning, we were waiting for K & A to pick us up to go to Kindergym. (Thanks, K, for doing that since I'm not really supposed to drive right now!)
Anyway, I had told Mason he could watch about 15 minutes of a show before they arrived. He knows how to turn on the TV so he turned it on and I went to room and he was on the couch watching a documentary on Italy. You guys!! I laughed so hard. He was very interested. :)

Yay for Kindergym! (Except NO NAP AFTER!! WHAT?!?!?)

I am soaking up these last days with just me and my little guy at home. The resting has been hard but nice at the same time.