Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Birthday Party Fun

Mason's best bud had her birthday party Saturday afternoon and it was a skating party. The location had a play place, too, which was awesome! I wasn't sure Mason would skate but I asked him several times and he eventually said yes and got super brave for it! I was so proud of how hard he tried. It helped that someone gave him this little walker for extra support. 


Happy birthday to Anna and Emily!!! 

Best buds! 

And the sweetest picture there ever was! 

Love this older son of mine so much! 

Him in action. He fell and got right back up! 

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Snow Afternoon {December 2017}

Friday afternoon, I worked and on the way home, it was snowing. We got to wake the boys up to that news and you can see that video below! 
We had such a fun time even though we didn't last long in the cold. It was pretty and the boys were super excited about it! 




Ready for some fun! 


This series of pictures were hilarious...

Smiling for a picture...

Hey, look, there's Mason...

Oh no...

Ouch, he got me!...

We came inside and cozied up for hot chocolate and dessert. 

And PawPaw sent us a picture of his snowman because he got tons of snow at his house! 

Monday, December 11, 2017

The Morgan's Movements {Week 49}

Man, it feels like last week flew by and we even had a bit of snow to show for it! 

Monday morning, the boys entertained themselves with dragging the suitcase around the kitchen and going for rides on it. Whatever works! 

Maddox also gave me some sweet love. He hit 18 months this week and it starting to become a bit more snuggly these days! I love it so much. 


He also had a haircut this week and sat in the chair like a big boy for the first time! 

That night, Mason had a little party at the speech clinic and he loved it! He didn't want to do everything because he was so excited to just be able to play on all of the things he sees on Monday mornings but doesn't always get to play with. haha! 

Ornament making. 

Pictures from the fuji camera they had there. So cute! 


The Santa pictures were funny! The employees thought Mason was afraid. He wasn't. He just didn't want to take a picture. :) 

Tuesday morning, we went to Kris's house for a cookie exchange and we played until we couldn't play anymore. Maddox was worn out! 

Wednesday afternoon we headed to story time and, as usual, had a blast. 

Thursday morning, the boys were looking especially handsome! 

And Maddox has started reaching his hand up for me to hold. 😍😍😍

Maddox had his 18 month well check that morning and all is well! I will have an 18 month update posted soon, I hope. 



Snacking and waiting. :) 

Brother shenanigans. Love their relationship so much. 

That night, we got into PJs, well most of us did, and headed out to see Christmas lights. These pictures crack me up. Mason had just hurt himself and Maddox is laughing. Matt is worn out from work and I have wet hair from the shower. haha! 

Friday morning, we dropped Maddox off with friends and Mason and I went on a date. Well, it was a doctor's appointment but we called it a date! 

Maddox had fun with friends! 

And we were grateful the doctor's office had good toys since we had a long wait! 

Friday afternoon, it snowed and I'll post some pictures from that soon. 

Saturday, we celebrated Maddox's half birthday with breakfast out at Golden Corral! 

It was snowing most of the morning and the guys caught some snowflakes when we got home. 

We had to run to the mall right after lunch and Mason said he wanted to hold the door for some people. So proud to call him my son! 

The last of the snow. :) 

We ended the weekend with a birthday party and I'll share more about it later, too!