Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Things that Make me Laugh + Snaps

Pure ridiculousness made me laugh this past week. 
Ask Siri what you should be for Halloween. Pretty funny answers...


Yes, sometimes, yes.

Oh, and the snaps, of course, always the snaps.










Maddox {Week 20}

Day 134: 

Day 135: 

Day 136: 

Day 137: 

Day 138: 

Day 139:

Day 140: 

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Shaken by Tim Tebow {A Book Review}

I was asked to be on the launch team for Tim Tebow's new book, Shaken. However, after I received the book, I didn't receive any follow-up information. I'm sure I'm missing important information but since I have nothing else to go on but the book and what's I've read, that's what I'll share. 

Shaken: Discovering Your True Identity in the Midst of Life's Storms by Tim Tebow is a good book. I have not read anything from Tebow in the past but I know him for his college football career and his Christian stance and work in missions. 

First, I was glad to see that the book was written in his voice. I know that he wrote this book along with someone, however, I really feel like I was hearing him talk. In the past, I've read books by athletes or actors, etc and they have sounded super fake, not from their point of view. Shaken was not like that. 

Tim shares his own story throughout the book about being cut from multiple professional football teams and how that has taught him many lessons in life. He also shares stories of many people he has encountered, the challenges they have faced and how they have faced that adversity and let God use it to teach them. 

Tebow includes many scriptures supporting what he has learned and how the thinks God intends to work during tough situations in our lives. 

Shaken is a well-written book that I felt was inspiring without being overly fluffy. I may read more of Tebow's writing in the future.

The Temple and The Tabernacle by J. Daniel Hays {A Book Review}

The Temple and Tabernacle by J. Daniel Hays was an interesting read for me.  I'll admit I don't know a great deal about this part of biblical history. I have some brief knowledge but it won't get me very far. This book explains God's dwelling places from Genesis to Revelation. I liked that all inclusive aspect, for sure.

One of the other aspects of this book that I truly liked is that the pages are thick and vibrant. It's a paperback book but it's heavy duty and the print is excellent. I enjoyed that the book is in color. The pictures are detailed and colorful and that draws you in.

The author did a great job of sharing the content he set forth to bring out. I think this information can be HEAVY and while he definitely gives plenty of scripture and research to support what he's saying, I didn't feel like it was overwhelming. I think that someone with an even greater grasp of biblical history would really appreciate this book even more than I did.

*I received this book from Baker Books.*

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Just a FUN weekend!

Two weeks ago, we had a weekend that we spent living to the fullest. I don't really know what made the weekend so special but it was just a good one. Since we are in the midst of toddler-dom which can mean disobedience, tantrums, etc, we truly treasure every good moment we have together. 

Maddox was pretty excited for the weekend, too!

While Matt and Mason were playing with playdoh, Maddox decided it was a good time to scoot across his playmat onto the floor. WHAT!?!?

That night, we got the boys set up into the same room. Maddox has been sleeping through the night for a while now so it was time for the big change. Here's their "new" room!

The next morning, I had a few hours of work and Mason sent me this picture. Coloring went to another level...haha! Good thing it's washable. :)

Later on that afternoon, Matt ran an errand and I got some goooooood snuggles1

We also let Maddox sit in his booster seat for the first time. He was pretty pumped about it. He was leaning a bit but since then, he's really got in the hang of it!


There was looooottttts of relaxing happening. Movies and football and just some good snuggles.

See what I mean?

That Saturday when we put the boys to bed, we had our at-home date night. We had coupons for bogo seafood platters from a local restaurant. There was SO much food and it took us like a week to eat it all!

We were celebrating boys in their own room and Matt and I getting to watch a show and eat dinner in our bed. Good times...

Oh and this...

The next day, Maddox woke up with a snotty nose (what is with that?!?) so we stayed home from church. I was already scheduled to work so I went ahead and went early. Matt sent me this picture. Mason wanted to "Go to sleep" in the pack and play. haha!

Later on that day, Maddox was better so we skipped nap and we headed to the Y so Matt and Mason could swim.

I held little brother for nap.


After the Y, it was time for YOMO for the guys.

Next stop: Target! Matt fed Maddox while Mason and I returned something and purchased a few things we needed. Mason was intrigued by the costume items in the Dollar Spot. :) 


And, of course, a visit to the Target Dog!

We thought that skipping nap was a good choice until Mason fell asleep in the car and we had to wake him up shortly after. Oops! He didn't do so well after that. But we rallied a bit and had CiCi's and went to the grocery store. 

Mason was so proud of his Eagle's football helmet sticker from the machine at CiCi's.

After that, we got home and Maddox became broccoli. ;-)

Monday should have been a normal day but Mason woke up not feeling great and so did Matt so he took off of work to get some good rest. 

He slept while Maddox took his morning nap and Mason and I crafted some.

And we made slice and bake cookies.

Oh my gosh, Mason said he was "sick" and he did this. For the record, he was NOT sick. He's Mr. Drama these days...

Maddox was enjoying Dad being home, too. Dad entertains Mason better than Mom so Maddox gets some extra quiet. haha!

Sweet brothers!


What a good 3.5 days it was for the Morgans. We are reminding ourselves daily to enjoy these super good moments!