Tuesday, March 28, 2017

God Loves Daddy & Me {A Book Review}

God Loves Daddy & Me by Bonnie Rickner Jensen might be my favorite children's book we've read this year! It came just days before my sweet husband's birthday and Mason and I decided after reading it that we needed to give it to Matt for his birthday! 

It's illustrated beautifully and the father and son (well, could be daughter, too, but I assume son since I have sons. :)) raccoon pair might just be the cutest thing ever. The book shares sweet things that Daddies do for their kiddos including helping with chores and teaching them about forgiveness. Mason and I smiled the whole time we were reading it and I cannot wait for my boys to read this with their daddy for years to come. 

This would be a perfect addition to any child's bookshelf and especially great for Easter coming up!!

**I Received this book for free from BookLook.**

Maddox {Month 9}

Less than 3 months until our sweet boy is one. SO much good stuff happening for him during the 9th month! 

This is his stank face. :) 

28.5 inches (55%)

22 pounds, 5 ounces (85%)

Head Size: 
18 inches (70%)

(life with siblings) 

Maddox-Man, Brother, Ma-Mix, Bud, Love Bug, Brother Brother, Tootie, Little Bit, Smiley, The Professor, Mr. Serious

(NOT sure about the grass!)

Maddox continues to eat 4 bottles every 4 hours during the day. He is taking 2 eight ounce bottles and 2 six ounce bottles. He's drinking less formula this month and I think in the next 6 weeks we will introduce a little bit of regular milk.

Little Bit is eating a TON of regular foods this month. Vegetables and fruits galore, little bits of meat, plenty of carbs and we even introduced a few sweet things once or twice. We haven't found much he won't eat.

Evening nap is ending this month and I'm sad about it but little man is ready. He's not napped as great this month but his night time sleep is still good.

We've continued on with the Target size 5 diapers and he's filling them out quite well now! :)

Big changes in the clothing department this month. Pretty much all 12 month clothes with some 12-18 month, 18-24 month and 18 month clothes thrown in. He's growing soooo fast!

--lots of people watching continues on this month
--smiling at everyone but also more shy in front of new people
--making his "voice" heard this month!
--waving to more people

New/fun things from this month: 
--Drinking from a little take and go sippy cup as well as from a regular cup
--lots of snuggling up close and getting a little shy in public now
--moving along furniture with ease
--transitioning more and more
--playing more by himself without fussing or wanting
--new but not fun and hopefully never again...lice...enough said
--he pulled up on the trampoline and then on 3/1 he jumped by himself. Seriously???
--copies what we do now especially squealing (3/2)
--said bye to me on 3/4
--two new teeth!!

--bath time!!
--being around other kids
--chewing on EVERYTHING!
--being outside

--not much this month...

Momma and Daddy:
We were troopers when we dealt with lice this month and this little bit toughed it out, too. He tolerated a shower cap on his head and vinegar wash, too. He has loved being worn in the Ergo by one of us, too. But he has definitely enjoyed when we put him down, too. :) We have enjoyed this little smiley guy a ton!  

We are still learning boundaries during play time but Mason is wanting to share more with his brother and that's been huge this month. They are still enjoying sharing a room even though Mason says it's "my room". :)
I also thought that Maddox was bigger than Mason at this point but my records show differently. Good thing I wrote it all down!

Comparison Pictures:

One Month:

Two Months: 

Three Months: 

Four Months:

Five Months:  

Six Months: 

Seven Months: 

Eight Months: 

Nine Months: 

Brother Comparison Pictures 


Monday, March 27, 2017

Louisiana Trip: Day 5 & 6 {March 2017}

On Sunday we decided to let PawPaw rest a little bit since we'd been getting him up so early in the morning. So we headed for donuts and a quick diner breakfast. 

That obviously made us happy! 

After breakfast we woke up PawPaw and then we preceded to lounge some more. I mean, why wouldn't we? 

TV time requires snacks. :) 

Little brother joined in! 

After a yummy brunch/lunch of a crawfish tail egg scramble with hash browns, the guys went on an adventure. Well, three of them did. Crawfish were released. Frogs were caught and so were turtles!! 




And this doesn't have anything to do with anything but I love this guy's eyelashes! 

GiGi came to tell us good-bye and drop off road trip snacks. Once Maddox got up from nap, we gave him his first chocolate chip cookie!!


Pretty sure he liked it!! 

"More DaDa!!" 

We enjoyed a nice little walk outside and I made Mason a flower necklace. :) 

Picture proof of the turtle mentioned above. Mason wanted to keep him but it just wasn't feasible. Maybe next time! 


Mason and Matt enjoyed him so much!! 

Silly boy with his PawPaw. 

Love em! 

We finished the evening with Raising Cane's and packing up things so we could head out early Monday morning. 

Monday morning: first things first. 

One last picture with PawPaw before we left. 

Ready to go. Mason was straight chill. 

Sweet boy fought that nap! See that tear? 


The trip was pretty uneventful with a couple of stops for lunch and gas. 
Thankfully milk bottles, snacks and toys made them happy for most of the time! 

We hit some traffic about 10 miles from home but we all survived, got home and unpacked, returned the rental car and finished the night with Waffle House. It was such a great trip!