Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Crafty Playdate!

Our friends, Mrs. Kris and Anna, came over for a playdate on September 30th. Kris had the fun idea to do a craft that she found online. The kids enjoyed it and we did, too. 

They shook up the popcorn to get it covered in food coloring. 

We had pre-glued the sticks and gave the kids glue and had them dip the popcorn and glue it on to the paper. We helped some, too. :) And the kids ate plenty of popcorn. :)

The finished product of our craft. :)

Oh! I almost forgot, juice breaks were required!

Since Anna lives way out in the country and doesn't see cars out of her front window each day, Mason showed her the ropes. :)

We LOVE playdates with our buddy, Anna!

Monday, October 5, 2015

3 Months

Three months have passed since I had my miscarriage.
Three months have passed since I sat in a hospital while our doctor told me our baby was gone.
Three months have passed since we felt the deepest grief we have felt in our lives thus far.

Three months.

We don't think about it daily now but we think about it often.

Mason will be two years old in 27 days. We thought by now he may already be a big brother. See, we began trying for our second baby the same month that Mason turned one. We tried for six months before becoming pregnant.

Then nine precious weeks passed and we were well on our way. And then, the miscarriage. Our sweet baby went to heaven.

Then three more months have passed and now, Mason is almost two and he's not any closer to being a big brother to a baby here on earth than he was 11 months ago.

I KNOW and BELIEVE that God has a plan and sometimes/often times, it is different from our own. But man, I'm sad. I'm frustrated. I'm ready for another sweet baby to be in our house.

Mason is the sweetest boy around. He lights up our lives each day. And you know what? He loves babies. Adores them. Smiles at them. Wants to touch them. I ache for him to be able to hold his baby brother or sister.

I pray that day isn't too far away.

**Thank you Lord for the major blessings you've given us. Just as I was able to see on that day three months ago, I can still see your hand. I know that there are reasons for the way things happen. But this? This is my heart. I'm sad and I'm ready for another baby whenever you bless us with one.**

Open Letters {8}

Dear "People",

Don't believe everything you read or see. National Daughter's Day doesn't actually exist. Despite what Facebook and Instagram said a couple of weeks ago.

Someone who Googles to figure out the truth ;-)

Dear Spartanburg Greek Fest, 

You sure made us happy on that rainy day we had last weekend. The greek combo platter, the gyro, and the pastries. YUM!!!

Sincerely, A Woman who is still full

Dear Rain, 

Despite what others said, I actually thought you were great! Who doesn't love a good excuse to stay inside for a bit. :)

Sincerely, Rain Lover (Most of the Time)

Dear Home Depot, 

You sure reeled us in with your incredible pumpkin display. Mason walked in, saw a pumpkin his size and quickly claimed it as his. 

Thanks, I think 

Dear Matt, 

Thanks for being a "yes" Dad so much of the time. Mason walked up to you with his pumpkin and you didn't hesitate to say "Sure". I don't think he has put that pumpkin down since then. 

Love, Your Grateful Wife

Dear Atlanta, 

See you in 4 days!!! We are coming for you Fogo de Chao, IKEA, Sublime Donuts, Georgia Aquarium and MORE!!

Love, Three Happy Morgans!!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Seven Women by Eric Metaxas {A Book Review}

Seven Women (and the secret of their greatness) by Eric Metaxas was recommended to me by my husband after he read Metaxas' book Seven Men and thoroughly enjoyed it. After reading, I must admit, I need to take his advice for books more often. ;-)

The seven women that Metaxas writes about are Joan of Arc, Susanna Wesley, Hannah More, Saint Maria of Paris, Corrie Ten Boom, Rosa Parks, and Mother Teresa. I was intrigued right from the start because the women that I had heard of previously were ones that I was interested in knowing more about and those that I had not heard of sounded like warriors!

 Metaxas really did his research for this book. The details that he shared about each woman's life were incredible. He connected them to their story so well that you almost felt like you were living right alongside of them. In the end of the book, he has an incredible amount of notes and a full index of links. I think that's so important in a historical book.

I did a research project about Rosa Parks when I was in high school and I have always connected with her story on some level. I also used to live in Montgomery so it was fun to read her story and recognize some of the places mentioned, etc. I respect this woman so much and her push to make a change in her world.

I also really enjoyed reading about Corrie Ten Boom and Susanna Wesley. Corrie's family was so instrumental in helping Jews in Holland and Susanna Wesley went through lots of hardships and two of her sons became instrumental in establishing the Methodist church. Of course, Mother Teresa is well known in history as a woman who made welcomed in the sick and dying and took care of them but this book brought up some interesting facts about her life that I had not ever heard. I really enjoyed the section about her.

While I didn't know as much about the remaining three women before reading this book, I enjoyed learning about them. I loved the variety of women that they were. Joan of Arc was a young warrior who was inspired by God while Saint Maria of Paris was a bit out of the ordinary as a "saint".

I think if you are someone who loves history especially historical women would really enjoy this book. 

I review for BookLook Bloggers

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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Videos {September 2015}

Storytime Fun! 

Kindergym Fun! 


Kindermusik Fun!

What Happens when you pull out ALLLL of the pillows!

Sweet sweet snores

"Mason, are you excited about Pizza?!?" 

Tasting a lemon...


"What does Chewbacca say?"

"Excuse me"

"The Wheels on the Bus"

Friday, October 2, 2015

Mornings with Mason

Lately, I've been pausing to get some pictures of Mason in the mornings before we head out for errands, meetings, or playdates. He is so much fun!! 

On this morning, we brought his toolbox! 

And this day? Well, he was just especially handsome! 

And this day? He's showing off his pumpkin!

And Scout :)

I snuck in a few, too!

First long sleeve shirt of the year. He was a little uncertain. 

It's safe to say that Mornings with Mason are a blast!!