Sunday, December 4, 2016

Mason Says & Does {13}

Mason and I were talking about his buddy, Anna's, birthday and I told him she would be three. He said "no i tree!" and I said that they would both be three. He quickly said, "I tree da most!" 

We were driving by a school and Mason said he wanted to go to school and play soccer ball!

One day, I was telling Mason not to do something and he said "I say uh huh. You say uh uh!" haha! Yep, that's right buddy! 

Mason has recently starting saying "y'all."

One morning recently my stomach was hurting and I told Mason I needed to sit on the couch. Later on that day, we were playing and I told him if he ate all of the pretend cookies, he'd be sick. He pretended to eat them and then said he was sick. He quickly ran to the couch and said "I sick. need sit on bouch!" haha!!

We did a craft from a kid's meal last week and there were various shape stickers and Mason asked me for the hexagon! How does he know these things?!?

We played with our manger scene and put baby Jesus in our train to ride him around. I asked Mason where he was taking Jesus and he said "Home to Mary!" Love him so. 

Mason has been asking for hot tea when I drink it. One night, I fixed him some and let it cool for a while but it was still warm. When he drank it he said "Dis hot tea is hot!"

I told Mason it was nap time and he said "me wide awake!"

Interaction between Matt and Mason: Mason looked like he was about to fall asleep and Matt said, "Are you sleepy?" "Mmmmm" was Mason's response. Repeat and then Matt asked again. Mason said, "Yessssssss!" 

**Good time to update that Our sweet boy is now in speech therapy for his articulation/phonology. He just started a couple of weeks ago but I think he's doing well so far. It will take time but I'm so grateful he is able to receive services in addition to me working with him at home.**

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Maddox's First Foods!

Maddox has been anxious to get some food other than milk. We had been holding off because of travel and then an awful diaper rash. This past week, we couldn't hold out any longer! Maddox has had little bits here and there (see video at the end) but last Sunday he got some yummy oatmeal cereal! 
Maddox had lots of helpers with Daddy and Mason and he also wanted to help himself! He ate it up quickly and has enjoyed it since then! We will move on to vegetables SOON!

Mashed potatoes at Golden Corral on Thanksgiving.

Oatmeal at home on 11/27/16.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Rad Women Worldwide by Kate Schatz {A Book Review}

The most recent book that I read was Rad Women Worldwide by Kate Schatz. In Rad Women Worldwide, Kate shares concise biographies about 40 women from 30 different countries around the world. 

I enjoyed this book very much for several reasons. First, this book was extremely well illustrated. The illustrator, Miriam Klein Stahl, created all of the illustrations using paper, pencil and X-acto knife. Many of the women in this book were unknown to me and these illustrations gave me an excellent visual of each woman as I read their stories. 

The range of women introduced in this book was wide. Rad Women Worldwide includes women from BC as well as present day women making a difference in our world today. In my opinion, the research Schatz did was excellent and she went the distance in that department to present these women's stories. 

Each story was only 1-2 pages but as I turned each page, I felt like I honestly got a grasp for what her life was about. My favorite stories were from Madres De La Plaza De Mayo and Bastardilla. 

The Madres are from Argentina and in 1977 their children began disappearing and the military was strict at that time and refused to help them and may have even been responsible for their disappearances. They began meeting together in a public plaza as a demonstration and they would support each other. I won't share the whole story because I think you should look it up for yourself. 

Bastardilla is an anonymous artist from Colombia and she has created murals in several countries. She began creating art to send a powerful message to overpower the gang crime and violence in her country. 

Those are just two stories shared in Rad Women Worldwide and many of the others are just as inspiring to me. I definitely recommend this book to all of the rad women out there! ;-)

I received this book from Blogging for Books

The Morgan's Movements {Late November 2016}

The last part of November was pretty chill for us. Maddox had a little bit of a cold so we hung at home much of the time while he tried to work it out. :) 

A friend dropped off a big jar of homemade applesauce for us and Mason was PUMPED! 

I took way too many pictures of Maddox snuggled in his bed because I just love it.

He loves his Momma!

Maddox was just hanging on his playmat while I read to Mason. We looked up and there he was!

He's fussing a bit in this picture but he was actually happy that he got into Mason's toys!!

Mason started speech on the 21st and that means Maddox and I have an hour each week to chill in the lobby. :) Maddox entertained himself pretty well!



Mason is in need of a haircut BIG TIME but he doesn't love them so I've been putting it off. I washed his hair and dried it and he looked extra handsome!

Family pics before bed...

Maddox is completely unsure...

Birthday hats make every day better!

Snack time!

Blowing kisses!

Mason snuggled up to Rudi and said "take pic"

Floor time!


Further proof a haircut is needed....

Black Friday brought work for Matt and I was up early for Gilmore Girls!!

Mr. Explorer...

Neighborhood Watch

Oh goodness me

Some kind of brother thing....haha!

Train tracks!!

The sweetest brother moment I've seen I think. Mason was watching a bit of a show before nap and Maddox was fussing and reaching for Mason so I put him down next to Mason and this happened...goodness.

Hanger: way to entertain a 5 month old while changing clothes

Giraffe craft from Wendy's provided a few minutes of entertainment on a Monday morning. :)

We may or may not be able to make actual Christmas cookies this season so we made some with playdoh. It was perfect!

Maddox supervised...

Mason admired his work and "ate" them.

 Love hand-me down toys. Maddox is working on his sitting, kneeling and standing.


Oddly oriented picture but I love this sleeping boy...



More entertaining ourselves at speech therapy...

Matt asked Mason to bring him a burp cloth and he brought ALL of them!

Let's go December!!