Monday, February 8, 2016

Open Letters {16}

Dear Fixer Upper,

Thanks for being on the HGTV app. I have enjoyed watching you while Mason has napped this past week.

iPad app TV watcher

Dear Matt, 

Thanks for helping me so much in the house this past week. You are AWESOME!!

Your Girl

Dear Spartanburg Attractions Coupon Book, 

Thanks for having some LEGIT coupons. We had lunch and dessert this week for $11!!

The Morgans who love a GOOD deal!

Dear Kris, 

Thanks for gifting us with the Spartanburg Attractions Coupon Book. It's been a HUGE blessing!

You rock!


Dear NewSpring Church, 

Thank you for being welcoming to EVERYONE! Thanks for being a place we enjoy being each weekend. 

The Morgans

Dear Baby MMM2, 

Thanks for giving me some little kicks. I LOVE IT!!

Your Momma

Thursday, February 4, 2016

20 Weeks {An Update on MMM2}

Last week, we had our anatomy scan which means I'm over half way through this pregnancy. As of this post, I'm nearly 22 weeks!!

Baby's heart rate was 169. Such a sweet sweet sound...

All looked well and baby is measuring right on target. 

We did not find out the gender but we did as we did with our pregnancy with Mason, we had it written down and will send it to a friend who will make a few embroidered items for us to have and open at the hospital. Such a fun thing for us. 

Mason came with us to the appointment and he brought his doctor's kit in case he needed to help out! Love that guy!

They prescribed me an antibiotic to see if I could knock out this cold that has been lingering. I think it helped. 

The reflux is better and I'm taking Zantac as needed right now. I want to use more natural methods but I've got to get it under control first. I am tired of coughing so much from refluxing that I throw up. I hope to try the apple cider vinegar soon. Fingers crossed. :)

Everything else is good with baby. I've started to feel some slight movement so that's exciting!! 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Open Letters {15}

Dear Mason,

PHEW! I'm so glad we finally got you a haircut. You were King Mullet for a while there!!


Yo' Mama!

Dear Mammy (Grammy), 

Thanks for making Mason a scarf and sending it to him. He LOVES it!

Love, All of us

Dear Cars, 

I know you are glad we decided to wash you. You were FILTHY!!!

Love, Your Owners

Dear Moes, 

Thank you for the BOGO burrito coupon. Thank you, too, for the kids eat for 99 cents night. Our family of three all had burritos and it was less than $9. We loved that!

Burrito Lovers

Dear Politics, 



Dear Husband, 

I love you so. 

Your girl

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Morgan's Movements {Late January 2016}

After all of the snow left us, we finished up January with a full scheduled. 

Mason has been very interested in the scarves that Matt and I wear. Matt wears one each morning when he leaves for work to stay warm while driving. Of course, I wear a different one each day. ;-)
I asked Matt's mom to crochet a scarf for Mason. He was so excited when it arrived and he has worn it almost daily. 

She threw in a hat, too. When he saw it, he made Matt get his scarf on, too. Matt is wearing another of Mason's hats. Silly guys! 

Target had these threading shoes for $1 and I picked them up to work on a little fine motor. MMM LOVES them! 

Mason is now obsessed with his nose and wants to pick it all of the time. It makes me crazy!!!!! He likes to tease me by closing his eyes tight and picking...BOYS! 

Fun in the house on PJ day!!! 

Showing off his scarf and un-combed hair. ;-)
I knew he'd put a hat on so no point in combing until we take it off. 
That's a lesson I've learned. :)

Playing at Home Depot while we wait for Daddy. 

Because of a coupon, my little guy and I had a $6 dinner date at a local chinese buffet. I love him so! 
He can't take pictures while eating because he needs to show his food to the camera! ;-)

I love taking pictures of him on these back steps. :)

And with him, too! 

He had a great dental check up so obviously we treated ourselves to BOGO cupcakes to celebrate. I mean, DUH! 

Mason also got a sharp new haircut! 

That afternoon, we went outside!!!  YES!!! 

Can you tell he had PBJ?? Also, he can help me make them now and he LOVES to do it. 

A little G before bedtime. 

All bundled up for a cool morning. :) We had to have a car come along with us. 

Friday afternoon we headed to the library where we hosted a Valentine Card making party for MOMS club. It was such a fun event. Mason loved playing with his friends. Aren't these kiddos the sweetest?!?

Some of our finished products. We will deliver these soon to a local nursing home. 

Daddy took Mason out for an adventure Friday evening. They left no stone unturned. :)

Saturday morning while I worked, the guys made pancakes. Matt made an especially large one with the last of the batter. YUM! 

I worked most of Saturday morning so the guys had some fun time together. 

Saturday evening, we met the Rasnakes (minus Jason) at Moe's to use some BOGO burrito coupons. Bonus: it was Kid's night so kids ate for 99 cents. Matt, Mason and I ate for less than $9!!! WOO!! 

Silly kiddos. I have to take eating pictures because that's all they did. ;-)

Friends are FUN! 

Emma was "in tha hood". I'm so funny!!! 

Sunday, we headed to church and I worked for 2 hours. The guys rested and then we washed cars!! They obviously needed it!! 

We are ready to see what February brings along. :)