Wednesday, April 10, 2019

The Morgan's Movements 2019: Week 14

Since Maddox stopped sucking his thumb, it's taken some time for his to adjust his sleeping schedule. One morning, he woke up early and I was trying to keep Mason asleep so I brought Maddox to my bed. He needed me to take pictures of his toy. 😂

Handsome dude. 

Mason and Maddox wanted to go to Home Depot to see the "easter decorations." No luck but there lots of spring and summer outdoor things! 

All of the love for that Daddy. 

We saw another yard with their bushes filled with Easter eggs. We had to do that, too! 



More friend time...

When your brother stops sucking his thumb and starts waking up early, it wears you out. 

Can't even handle this face. This was while we sat at Doctor's Care waiting to see the doctor for pink eye. 😑


So brave...

At Christmas time, I found these Razor scooters at Target for a great deal. I bought and hid them away. Saturday was a good day to pull them out! 

Maddox has been LOVING the snuggles lately. 

This one ALWAYS does! 

Worn out? Looks like it! 

Reading is a favorite for all of us! 

Mason was drawing some pictures for family. ❤️

Sleepy head! 

This week included pink eye, allergies, canceled trips but we made the best of it! 

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Misfit Table by Tiffini Kilgore {A Book Review}

Misfit Table: Let Hunger Lead You to Where You Belong by Tiffini Kilgore is my latest read. When I first started reading, it took me a LONG time to get into it! The writing is a bit scattered at first but as I got into the book and learned more of Tiffini's story, I wanted to get more details and know what God had done and was continuing to do in her life. 

Tiffini shares her story from childhood to near present day in short chapters. Each chapter is anywhere from 2-8ish pages so they are manageable for quick reading. The initial part of each chapter is Tiffini sharing her perspective for that portion of her life. Following that portion is a section written as God, or as Tiffini refers to him "Papa", speaking to Tiffini. I'll be honest and say I didn't read every single one of these sections. The ones I read were a bit odd to me. But that may just be me. It didn't take away from the book for me, it was just unique. 

I really ended up enjoying this book and getting to the 'end' to learn how God had redeemed Tiffini's life and drawn her closer to him and how she is using that to impact others and invite them to the table. 

This was an encouraging book and worth checking out. 

**Thanks BookLook Bloggers, for the book!**

Maddox Stopped Sucking His Thumb

Two weeks ago, Maddox went to the dentist and she just mentioned that it was time for us to address thumb sucking. We were a bit concerned about it because he only does it when he is sleeping and we didn't know how we could address it. She gave us a few options and we went on our way. We decided to wait until Mid-April since we were going out of town in early April. 

However, the day after the dentist, Maddox said something about stopping sucking his thumb and I told him that the dentist had said it was time to stop. He fussed a bit and then he NEVER PUT IT IN HIS MOUTH!!! That went on for over a week before we decided that it wasn't a fluke and he was officially done with it! 

Can you believe the will power of this 2 year old!?!

We are SO PROUD! After one week, Matt took the boys to Moe's for a celebratory meal. This picture is showing his willpower. 15 days into Whole30 and avoiding Moe's! 



Love this dirty-faced non-thumb sucking boy! 

Friday, April 5, 2019

The Morgan's Movements 2019: Week 13

We started week 13 with dentist visits! They were in a brand new office and it was super nice! 

Both boys did so awesome for cleanings and x-rays and were cavity free! 


Check out this morning hair! 

Randomly last week, Maddox was asking about the beach and wanting to go. I told him we weren't going and he was so sad. He took matters into his own hands and decided to go outside to sun bathe. It was hilarious! 

They each have to follow what the other does...

After BSF, I took the boys to lunch at Wendy's.They had the best time and ate every bite. It was a great day to be outside! And 


Look at that sweetness with his Daddy! 

Mason had t-ball and the game was a rescheduled one. Since it was the start of spring break, no coaches were there! Matt and one of the other moms coached and did AWESOME!!! 

Mason got to play his buddies and they had the best time! 

Maddox helped me make breakfast Friday morning. He's a good helper! 

Mason continues to love homeschool PE and this guy is the best watcher and supporter that there is! 

Whole 30 win! Matt made salads and both boys ate them! 

Pure sweetness. 


Cuties ready for church. 

I got to take both boys on dates on Sunday. Mason asked for this hat and I couldn't say no. He's hardly taken it off since! 

My second date...


Silliness...guess they are going hiking?!? 


We met some friends at the park Monday to play and the boys loved this! We had a great time with our friends but I forgot a picture!