Friday, February 16, 2018

Valentine's Day 2018

We celebrated Valentine's for a few days as a family and that was fun! 

Saturday evening, we were all feeling good and we headed out to Bronco's for dinner! It was delicious!

That evening, we headed to Aldi to pick up a few things and we finished the night at Rocky Moo, a new ice cream sandwich shop in town. It was delicious and we cannot wait to go back there! 


Sunday was just a casual day and Monday morning, Mason was ready to hand out a Valentine to Miss Mary. (Also, I don't know what it up with that underbite smile. 😑)

Tuesday night, the boys opened a few Valentine's treats from their GiGi. She got them some new playdoh and color wonder coloring books! 

Wednesday morning, we attempted a pic on the steps before speech. yeah, it went great! 


After speech, we decided to pick up Bojangle's biscuits and bring to Daddy at work. That was a fun stop! 

Mason said that neither Matt nor I were his Valentine but that "Bo berry biscuits are my valentine because they are yummy! and I love them!" 

Once we got back home, it got crazy. Sugar rush, I'm guessing! Mason took his pants off. Then Maddox cried and eventually his came off too. 

Mason and I did a bit of school and had some entertainment while we did. 



That afternoon, Matt and Maddox were home and Maddox was very interested in curling! 😂

Mason and I met some MOMS Club friends at a local nursing home to hand out valentines. Mason asked for a picture before we left. Love him. 

We had a few Valentines for the boys that evening and we had them hide their eyes. 😂

Mason needed shoes and we found some on clearance. He was pumped! 

Maddox got two books. We also wrote them some sweet little notes, gave M&Ms, bubble bath and new toothpaste! 

Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Morgan's Movements 2018 {Week 6}

I still have so much to share about what's been going on with the headaches I've been dealing with. Hopefully, I can do that soon. 

In the meantime, here's what last week looked like for us. 

We started with a bit of Peek-a-boo. Basically Maddox's favorite thing right now! 

He is getting so big and learning much more independent play and reading. I love catching him doing that! 

Sweet brotherly love. It only lasts for seconds. 

I have done a lot of sitting done and thankfully, my boys have joined me. 

A little bit of gaming has been fun with this guy. 

Look at that little hand. :) 

The boys have been doing lots of coloring, fun learning tasks and other things at the table. 

More reading time. Gah, makes me so happy. 

And for balance, TV for Mason. 😂

That night, we all played the fishing game. That was funny! Every one Matt got out, Maddox put back. 

Another morning, another table time. 


We've had lots of pj days which has been fun and relaxing! 


Mason gave me George was afternoon for nap. That's true love! 

Woke up with a cough...

Went outside to play and fell on the steps. 

The next morning, it was already much improved! 

Yep, same thing, different day! 

SO many snuggles! 


We enjoyed so much reading, watching shows and chilling out. I was so grateful for this because I needed the rest! 



I ended up at Urgent care one afternoon and did my best to avoid the flu. One week later and I don't have the flu. So I guess it worked! 😉

I rewarded myself and my guys with cake after that experience! 

We made an obstacle course for the trucks one morning, too. 



I worked that Friday and Matt made the boys dinner. They were excited for chicken nuggets and tots! 

Here we are again snuggling. Sensing a trend at this point!?! 

Living the life! 



Our sweet neighbor brought over these for the boys for Valentine's. Everyone is a fan! 

Matt has the boys into the Olympics! They've been enjoying it! 

Sunday morning was rainy, I still had a headache and Maddox's nose was running a bit so we bypassed the nursery and Matt took the boys to get donuts. 

Then, more snuggles. Duh! 

Love this one so much! 

That night, Mason went to AWANA and last minute, we went to Jason's Deli. Yay salad bar and yay ice cream! 

This was HILARIOUS!!! 


Here's to a better week! God is faithful!