Monday, May 29, 2017

Maddox: Week 49

Day 337:

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Friday, May 12, 2017

Mason & Maddox

When Matt took Mason's 3 1/2 year pictures and Maddox's 11 month pictures, he got a few of them  together, too. Matt's sister, Holly, gave these shirts to the boys for Christmas and Mason loves the planes. 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Mason Says & Does {18}

This month was literally GOLD for things Mason says and does. Here ya go! 

Our neighbor came over in the rain and put our trash can in and Mason said, "Mr. Dean and Mrs. Phoebe are the best!" 

We made cookies one day and Mason said, "I a good helper!" He has since said this several times and  even recently at church, his teacher asked him to come in and be her good helper. He is a GREAT helper! 

Since Mason has been talking and dealing with his speech deficits, he hasn't really said his name. On April 7th, he said, "Nason" and I might have cried. :) 

Spontaneous "I love you" on April 9th to Matt....sooooo sweet! 

One day I was not feeling well, Mason said, "Jesus heal momma"

On Easter: "Jesus did on cross and rise again!" 

When Mason got his new bed, he said to me, "I love my new bed. Tell Daddy I love my new bed." 

We have always sung the song to Maddox, "I love you Mr. Maddox..." and Mason sang to himself one day, "I Love you Mr. Me. Yes, I do!" 

Instead of asking for a book, he asked me to tell him a story on April 13th. 

"I'm so excited I'm growing up to get my big bed!"

Mason met a new friend at the library and told her that her hair was pretty.

At Hatcher Garden with Matt and Maddox one afternoon, he was showing a group of kids everything and told them to look for a hawk. He loves showing people his favorite place. 

We told Mason one day that he's an awesome big brother and he said, "Awww thank you!" 

He asks me, "What are you going to eat today?"
then says over and over and over...
Me: "I don't know buddy"
Mason: "That's funny, momma."
Me: "That can be considered annoying to ask the same question over and over again, buddy."
Mason: "Nooooooooo hahahahaha!!!!" 

At Hatcher Garden, Mason says, "Daddy, come see this! Come see this! He's back! I LOVE red tail hawks!" 

Matt sent me this text and I love it so much....

In the middle of the night..."I had a bad dream and I need you...It was just a little one." Sweet boy! 

He picked a random show on Netflix. Matt asked if it was a cool show or just weird. "Just weird Dad!" 

I told Mason to go to his room for a brea, after doing something he shouldn't do and he said, "You gotta say 'Right now'"

Mason left George at a friend's house and after a week, I got it back. That night I snuck it into his bed and when I picked him up from bed, he was holding George and said, "George here!! I tell myself I love him!" 

Mason told me to bring the bear puppet, Mr. Bear, into the living room for a surprise. I talked for Mr. Bear and said, "It's all for me?" Mason said, "well, actually, it's ours." 

I told Mason something one morning and he said, "Hmmm, that's strange!"  

I told Mason about a new app he might like and he said, "We gotta upload it before I can play." 

Matt told me about what Mason said to him one day when I was at work, "Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad!" Yep, my life allllll day everyday....

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Morgan's Movements {Week 18}

Another week has come and gone and it's time for a recap of The Morgan's Movements! 

Last Sunday my sweet guys looks so sweet sitting all together and I had to get a picture! 

Maddox showed off some of his ball throwing skills! 

We had a relaxed day and then headed to church that evening. The series changed for the kids at church and Mason was loving the props! 

Monday mornings used to move slowly but now Mason has therapy at 8:00 so we get a move on. Maddox wasn't sad about it because he knows he can move at his own pace no matter what! :) 

Mason turned 3 1/2 and I shared some updated pictures of him here! 

When Matt took Mason to speech, Maddox stood at the door calling to them. :) 

Then he took a bath! He loves baths with Mason but when he gets time to himself, he loves that more! 

Then he looked at himself in the mirror and gave some kisses. So sweet! 


Mason came home from speech and was especially silly. :) 

That afternoon we had a playdate with some friends that we had not seen in a long time! We had a great visit and hope to have another one soon! 

Tuesday morning we did a little school and worked on writing numbers among other things. I helped with 4 & 5 but Mason did the rest. 


We are working a lot on pre-writing skills. 

The boys have started playing more together while we wait for Mason's Tuesday speech session. 


Naked jay with shoes on :) 

Brother wrestling...oh boy. 

Mason, Maddox and I went to Hatcher Garden after lunch on Wednesday. 

Mason took these pictures of me smelling flowers. They aren't flattering but he was proud so I'm posting them! 


That evening after story time, Matt mowed grass and the boys and I played outside, picked up sticks, etc. Mason took Maddox on his first wagon ride. 

Mason then helped mow our neighbor's grass! 


Thursday was a cool day and we spent most of the morning inside. Mason helped me clean...

Then he chilled for his show...:) 

Matt fed the boys dinner with a show that night while I was at work. They were excited! 

Maddox is starting to love books more and more...

Friday morning I found Mason like this....faker! 

I love these boys! 

Mason made his guitar into a violin...haha! 

We headed outside to play and it was FREEZING!!! 




When I got to work, Matt sent me this picture...sweet snuggles! 

More reading for little bit...

I got home in time for dinner and after that we braved the drizzle and got ice cream/froyo! 



We woke up Saturday and got busy with our family band! 

Matt took Mason to kid's workshop and then they played around Home Depot. I stayed hone with Maddox while he napped. The silence was golden! 

They also returned some books to the library and picked up a few more! 

After lunch, we trimmed our neighbor's hedges. Mason was a HUGE help! He pulled everything over  and then said, "Okay Dad what's first?"

Maddox has been wanting to drink from our water bottles so we decided it was time to give him one. We bought one last year with plans to give for his birthday (good deal on Amazon discovered by a friend!) but he was ready now so it was a "Happy 11 Months" gift instead. ;) 

"Trade ya, bro!" 

That afternoon was rainy so we changed our plans to include a movie and popcorn. Then we ate dinner and braved the rain for a few errands. Maddox got some new shades...great way to end a week!