Friday, June 22, 2018

The Morgan's Movements 2018 {Week 24}

Goodness, I'm super into catch-up mode. These last couple of weeks FLEW! 
Monday morning, we all headed to speech. Each boy needed a hat. Maddox picked this one. 😂

Mason this one. 😂

After speech, Mason headed to VBS for the first time! While he was there, Anna came over to play for a bit while her mom had an appointment. She was a puzzle machine! 

Maddox had been kinda fussy so I laid him down for a morning nap. Anna was excited to wake him up! 

Lots of sweetness playing together. 

Kris stayed with Maddox while I ran to pick up Mason. He said he had the best time! 

Tuesday morning, another day of VBS for big guy. Maddox was sort of interested in time with me. 😂

Brothers with hands in pockets. 😍😍😍

Maddox and I had MOPS steering team meeting and he had fun playing while I had fun with other mommas! 

Sweet rest time with this guy. 😍

When I headed to work, Matt took the boys to see some visiting family and I caught up with them later. 

I stole these pictures from Facebook that family posted of fun they had together. 




That night, Matt and I had a wings date night at home! 

Wednesday, Mason went to VBS for day 3 and Maddox and I ran by Home Depot. Maddox got a balloon and he was HAPPY! 

We tried out a mower, too! 

That afternoon at storytime, the boys made buttons. 

Thursday morning, Maddox and I headed to play at the library and attend a puppet show. The shaded playground was GREAT! 

Blurry but that smile!!! 

He was into the puppet show for a bit. We didn't last the whole time but better than last time! 



A little swinging before we headed to get brother. 

Coming for ya, Mason! 

Snuggles with my big boy! 

That afternoon there was park play and then Matt took the boys for snowballs. 

Friday, Maddox and I had to run some Father's Day errands and he was eating a cracker and smacking it. I tried to snap pictures. SO hilarious. 


We picked up Matt's present and Maddox LOVED it! 

Good time with this boy! 

Last day of VBS pick-up for Mason and someone was looking COOL! 

That Friday afternoon was a movie at the library. Matt took them and I met up with them there. Popcorn and a movie! 

That night, we did an early Father's Day meal for Matt at Bronco's, his request, and then enjoyed some snuggles in the bed! 

Saturday morning, I took Maddox to the park while Matt took Mason to fish. 





What a great week even if soooo hot!