Monday, October 22, 2018

The Morgan's Movements 2018 {Week 42}

This post covers Monday and Tuesday of this past week. On Wednesday morning, we headed to Nashville and I'll share about that in a different post coming up soon! 
Monday morning, Matt headed into work early so I took both boys to Mason's speech session. Maddox did great! He relaxed and played. :) 

Right after that we headed to North Spartanburg park to meet friends and we played and visited for TWO HOURS!! It was a BLAST! 




During nap time the mail arrived and GiGi sent Halloween cards! Inside was some CASH! And the Morgan boys wanted to spend it. :) So we headed to Target to do just that. 

Mason ended up with a PawPatrol figure and some legos and Maddox got a PawPatrol figure and a helicopter. They were both still scoping out new things. :) 

After that we headed to the library for a Halloween Celebration. It was simple with a few crafts, games and a short trick or treating time. Both boys loved it! 

Tuesday morning, they were looking cute so we snapped a few pictures. 

We headed to our friends' house to play, craft and visit. 

We had a great morning with friends and then ran to the library because we found out Mason won a prize at the Halloween party! Woohoo! 

That evening we prepped for Nashville! 

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The Morgan's Movements 2018 {Week 41}

Last week started with this! Matt took Mason to speech and then headed to work. A minute later, he knocked on the window with this on his shirt!! Boys LOVED it! 

Later that morning, our neighbor brought snacks over. Everyone was excited about that, too! 

We snuggled for a long while that day and Maddox was rubbing my legs. SO sweet. 

Tuesday morning before we ran to meet friends, the boys were playing in the hallway. It was so cute! I love imaginative play! 

We headed to Milliken to meet friends and we had a blast!! 




Mason fell in the water before we left...yeah, he had to ride home in his undies. 

Snacks in the living room! 

So much love...

Wednesday morning, Mason woke up like this. We were cracking up! 

That night, Mason helped with dinner. 

Thursday morning was a rainy day and we woke up and snuggled for a LONG time! These slow mornings have become our favorites. 

So much love...

Snuggles and Curious George were a necessity on the day of a tropical storm. 

Look at this comparison! 

Friday morning, we headed to the children's museum. Look at these handsome guys! 

We had a blast! 





Snack time! 

Sweet snuggles...

We have the best neighbor!!! 

Saturday afternoon snuggles...

We helped our friends with farm chores and then came home for a night of Rummikub! 

Sunday morning pictures. 😍