Saturday, February 4, 2012

Things a Photographer shouldn't say...

Last weekend, Matt and I attended a Newcomer's class at the church we have been attending here (Restoration Church). One of the pastors asked Matt to take pictures after the class of each of the people that attended so that the staff would have a face to go with each name. Matt was excited to do it and he really enjoyed it. When he was finishing up, we started talking about and laughing hysterically about the topic "Things A photographer should not say". Here are a few of the ones we came up with. Hope it makes you laugh too!

1. That was good but could you smile next time?

2. Uhhh...could you show me your good side?

3. That Go ahead and take off the mask for the next shot.

4.  Do you always make that face?

5. Oh no, we will need to reschedule. You just broke my camera.

6. Don't worry, I can use photoshop to make you look better.

7. Your children must get their good looks from your spouse.

8. Your little boy is so precious....oh, it's a girl? My bad.

Hope these made you laugh or at least smile :)

Til then-
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