Monday, December 17, 2012

Things Kids Say...

We just had a great trip to see our families and we have plenty of pictures. I will blog about it all once I get the pictures from Matt. He is usually quick with them but he has a family photo shoot that he is editing and that is top priority for pictures right now! Besides, I don't have much time to blog anyway!

I wanted to drop in quick to share a few funny things that the sweet kids in our families said while we were visiting. We have two nephews on Matt's side, Luke and Kieran, and a second cousin on my side who were are claiming as our nephew named Silas. Here are my favorites from them.

Silas (after I play hit him on the nose with his little car): "My car hit me on my nose. My nose is broken" 
He is 2 by the way.

Luke and I conversing: 
Me: "Luke, did you toot?"
Luke: "Yes, I did"
Me: "Whew, it stinks"
Luke: "Breathe out"

Kieran (playing with the Nativity)
"Mary and Joseph are snuggling"
(said in his little soft voice)

Ah, melt my heart. Can't wait to post stories of our own babies and the things they say!

What's something funny the kids in our life have said? 

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