Monday, March 18, 2013

TOP {Weeknight Activities}

Get your mind out of the gutter ;-)

1. Cooking dinner together-- One of our favorite things to do on weeknights, when we are both home and don't have other work to do, is to cook together. We make a good team in general but when it comes to cooking, we rock! We usually divide up the tasks and it works well. Plus, we are in the kitchen together and that makes lots of 1 on 1 time and chatting! 

2. Watching SVU re-runs on Netflix--It's no secret that we love Law and Order: SVU and it just so happens that Netflix has all 13 previous seasons and we have been going back through and watching them. We've seen all of them but it helps us wind down from the day. Besides, Matt rarely remembers the whole episodes (;-))

3. Watching new episodes of SVU, Person of Interest, or Criminal Minds--As if watching old episodes wasn't enough, each Thursday we log onto our computers and watch the most recent episode of SVU and Criminal Minds. We also love Person of Interest but you can watch it online so we are settling for watching the 1st season of DVD for now! 

4. Playing games--We love board games and other related games. Our favorite to play, just the two of us, is Yahtzee but we also enjoy the occasional card game or Trouble game. If we are with Grandmom and Granddad, we will play other games that are more fun with 4 people versus 2. 

5. Reading--We both love to read but since we have gotten married and schedules have gotten busier, we have gotten away from it. Back in the Fall, we began reading Newberry Award Winning books (young adult books) and we have just gotten back to that. It is fun but it is mostly just a way for us to get back into reading because the books are easy reads. We are trying to dedicate one night a week to reading and shutting off ALL technology. Really hope we stick with it! 

6. NOTHING--Often on weeknights if we have both had busy days, we just sit around, putz and DO NOTHING! I love doing Nothing with Matthew Morgan! 

**What are your favorite weeknight activities?**


  1. Ya'll are so darn cute! My bff and her hubby would come to my sister and my house and we would play board games once a week. Some of the best memories!!

  2. I'm pretty sure that the "Nothing" would be #1 on my list of favorite things to do, lol. I feel like I stay so busy those rare occasions when I can do nothing are wonderful. But drinking Hot Tea and reading are also pretty high on my list.