Sunday, February 20, 2011

Meet Splenden

On February 8th Leslie and I welcomed to our home a beautiful blue and red Betta fish named Splenden. Leslie and I had talked about getting a fish and she surprised me with it. We went to Petsmart and looked at just about all of the Bettas they had.

Splenden was one of the last we looked at and when we saw him we pretty much knew that he would fit perfectly into our family. We bought him a big bowl at Ross, rocks, a pretty blue plant, and some food and he quickly settled in at home.

After a few days we noticed that he was real mellow, wasn't eating and that his fins were starting to look pretty rough, almost torn looking. We thought maybe his fins were getting caught on his plant so we took that out, but he still didn't want to eat and his fins kept getting worse.

After some research and getting concerned for him, we did want our first pet to live more than a week and a half after all, we figured out that he most likely had fin rot. Felt much better after figuring out what was wrong and that getting him better should be easy.

So, now that we are completely changing his water every day or every other day, he is much better. He has lots of energy again and his fins are looking much, much better. He even came up and touched my finger the other night. I was pumped about that. We also got a different kind of food and some bloodworms as treats for him.

And now that I have spent many more words than were probably needed, cant blame a proud dad can you ;), I present to you Splenden!

Til then-

Did you hear about the Morgans?

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