Sunday, February 20, 2011

Quick Update

Hello All!

Matt and I both decided we were going to blog tonight. He is blogging about Splenden and I wanted to blog about something more in depth/detailed etc but it's 9:00 at night and I'm a bit tired. So let's just see where this goes.

We have been busy but not busy in the sense that we are running all over the place participating in various activities. We have been busy getting used to being married. Busy adjusting to new schedules. Busy cooking and cleaning. Busy reading and watching TV together. Busy learning to coupon and grocery shopping. Busy going to the Ballet and various other places for date night. The good kind of busy.

We recently got our wedding pictures in (on CDs to view before ordering) as you know from a previous post and we have been enjoying looking at those and deciding what we want to order etc.

We have been exercising utilizing the Couch25K app and it has been beneficial for us. It helps us feel energized in an exhausting way and also allows us to feel a sense of accomplishment regarding health and wellness. It also is a time where we are alone together with no other distractions and we have enjoyed that undistracted chat time.

We have enjoyed eating at home. We promised before we got married that we would really limit our times of eating out even when we were tired and didn't want to cook. It has really challenged me to stretch my cooking abilities and really find things that were good yet simple.

I've been learning to coupon and it is super fun. This past week I spent $73 at the grocery store and saved $63. It is fulfilling and a blessing to know that we now have that extra money to spend on other things or save etc.

Obviously, tons of other things are going on in our life too but that's all I'm up to sharing right now.

Later this week or sometime soon, Matt and I want to start blogging about some more significant things that the Lord is teaching us as a couple and individually!

Til then-
Did you hear about the Morgans?

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