Friday, April 29, 2011

An update

Every day, I think about blogging but I just don't get to it.
Things are busy yet good. Seems like I say that each time I update but it's true.

Work is going well. Matt is still looking a "career" job and it's just taking some time. We continue to be grateful that he has a job in the meantime.

Work for me is busy. Plenty of changes and I have been complaining about them But in the end, what else can you do but just roll with it?!?

We enjoyed our trip to Atlanta earlier this month. It was relaxing and adventurous and held some fun surprises along the way.

Mom came here for Easter and we both enjoyed having her here for the weekend since we had not seen her since the wedding.

We will be in Louisiana the weekend of May 13th for Alex's graduation. It will nice to be there for a couple of days. We will also see my cousin Bonnie and her sweet baby, Silas!

We have been cooking some new things lately and they have been really good. I'll try to post some recipes soon but I'm not promising!

We are both so burdened to help those in our state who have been affected by the tornado devastation. We have bought some supplies which we will bring to church Sunday to be distributed and we plan to give blood ASAP. Praying we will serve others as we would hope they would serve us if we were in their situation.

Well, I'm off to watch a little T.V. on this Friday evening while the Mr. is at work.

Looking forward to relaxing this weekend.

Til next time-
Did you Hear about the Morgans?

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