Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Each one of us can look back on our lives in the last 5 years, 1 year, 6 months, heck, 1 week and see changes that have taken place. Good, bad, indifferent. Planned, unplanned. Predicted, unpredicted. Self-imposed or not. Either way you look at it, we have all seen our lives change at some point.

Recently, Matt and I both heard the Lord speak clearly to us about an important decision we needed to make in our lives. To be honest, it was something we knew we needed to do but something we were not anxious to do because we knew along with the great things that would come from this change, we would potentially lose some "things" that had given us stability to this point in our lives.

As some of you know, when I lived in Birmingham, I attended, joined and was heavily involved at Church of the Highlands. I LOVE this church. I can't tell you exactly why (at least in a a concise manner) what it is that I love but I just do. When I got my first career job in Prattville, AL I have plans to live just south of Birmingham and drive to work in Prattville which is approximately 1 hour. Four days before I was to start working, my car went nuts and it became clear that driving my car that much each week would be foolish. I made the decision to move to Montgomery (20 minutes from Prattville) and live there. When I moved to Montgomery, staying involved at Church of the Highlands was nearly impossible and honestly, as much as I love the church was not something I wanted to do. I wanted to be a part of  a church that I could easily attend and get involved. Through various people and moves of God,  I ended up at Gateway Baptist Church. From the first moment that I walked into the door at this church, I knew that this was were God wanted me for that time in my life. Now looking back, I know why (among MANY other reasons). This is where I met Matt. Cut to the present.

After Matt and I began dating, we were involved in teaching Sunday school and AWANA and we loved every minute of it. We were involved in a small group and LOVED our friends there and still do. Yet, there was something tugging in our hearts that there was something more. It has not been one specific thing that has tugged at our hearts but multiple things and often things that we could not explain.

During this time, Matt and I really felt like God was calling us to Highlands who had since started a campus in Montgomery. For me, this was hard because I wanted to make sure I wasn't just leaning that way because it was something I wanted but we wanted to make sure it was a mutual decision and ultimately a God-ordained one.

In February, we began attending the campus in Montgomery and just asked that the Lord would show us what His plans were. We attended for one month just "visiting" and by the end of that month we knew we were where we needed to be.

The hard part has been that there was nothing specific that led us away from Gateway. Other than the Lord, that is. We LOVE the people there. We LOVE the fellowship. We LOVE the worship. We just LOVE God more and want to heed his voice.

So, today we find ourselves at Church of the Highlands, Montgomery Campus. It is incredible. Sure, there are things we would prefer to be different. Isn't it that way with any church we attend? It shows our nature and keeps us longing for heaven (in my opinion). We are getting plugged in slowly and finding our niche for serving. It is good just as everything the Lord does is good.

Til Then-
Did you Hear about the Morgans?

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