Saturday, December 10, 2011

Who Are you?? WHO? WHO??

(That's my CSI themed title in case you were wondering :))

Today, I was reading some blogs as I do on most typical days and I started thinking about how awesome the blogging community is. I mean, really, it gives you the opportunity to learn about and from some of the most amazing people alive. It allows you to connect with people just like you whether you are single, a newlywed, a new mom, middle-aged etc. It's just awesome.

Recently, I've expanded my blog reading because I've found some new blogs that are heavily followed and do several link-ups etc. Because of this, I have had more people reading my blog. I know some of these people are now following me via Blogger, others through Google Connect possibly and maybe there are others too.

So, I was wanting to ask you a favor. If you are reading this blog and you are not a family member of mine, will you comment on this post or send me at e-mail at slpleslieanne(at)yahoo(dot)com? It would mean a lot to me. I'd love to know who all is reading on a regular basis.

Thank you ahead of time. :)

Oh and before I go, I'll leave you with a fun/funny picture. This past week, my husband and I bought a used car. A Buick in fact :). Here's the proof. I love him.

Til then-
Did YOU hear about the Morgans?


  1. buying used cars are the only way to go! And the blogging world is rather fun. I love meeting new people - like you!

  2. hey girl, I keep up with your blog! hope y'all are having fun in SC!

  3. I read your blog! (Even though I consider myself family!) :) Just not as often as I can I get it to email me every time you post a new blog?