Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What we've been up to...

I realized that I've been posting a lot of fluff posts mostly just for posterity's sake to have fun memories of all of the little things that we do and that I haven't really been posting what we have been up to! I think I'll bullet point those things. :)


--planning Matt's birthday trip to Raleigh to watch the Flyers play

--planning a trip to PA for Matt's family reunion

--planning a weekend trip to TN to meet our new niece who will be here in March

--planning a trip to LA for my best friend's wedding

--planning a trip...JK...I think that's all for now!

--visiting a new church and attending a new small group

--spending time with the grandparents whenever we can


--finishing wreaths...most of which are now listed on Etsy; click the Etsy link to check them out

--trying to get back into the swing of cooking since I've been slack lately

--working on Matt's birthday present; I won't say much except it's a form of an altered book. I'll share when I finish.

--getting back into couponing and trying to save a little bit of extra money that way. 

--watching the series "Felicity" on Netflix


--working on advertising, blog and associated things for the photography business

--playing a new game he purchase (in the little bit of spare time)

--planning our flower box and herb "garden" which we hope to work on soon

--working hard!

--watching Season 1 of Person of Interest 

--looking forward to Spring!

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  1. Oh, I love Felicity! Now you have me wanting to watch it. And I love your wreaths, I've promoted them on Facebook, too. So pretty!