Monday, May 6, 2013

Lysol Soap Review--BzzAgent

I recently had the opportunity through BzzAgent to receive a free bottle of Lysol Touch of Foam Soap and review it. 
We have been using this soap for about a month and we both really like it. 

First, I really like the shape of the bottle and the ease of getting soap out of it. 
Second, isn't the color pretty?!?

Third, the smell is nice but not too strong which is a plus for my husband. 

Fourth, the soap is very light and cleans your hands well but rinses off easily. 
My husband says this is his favorite part. I might agree!

The Morgans really like Lysol Touch of Foam soap and plan to use it as often as we are able. If you are looking for a new hand soap, check it out! 

P.S.  I received this bottle for free from BzzAgent but as always, these are my own opinions. 
Be looking for a review of Amdro PowerFlex Pest and Weed System. Husband is SUPER excited about this one! 

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