Thursday, May 16, 2013

Miscellaneous Thoughts and Musings of Mrs. Morgan

Lately, I've had lots of random things to write, none of which deserve a full post. Today, I decided to share them.

--Last Tuesday, Matt and I were at a restaurant in town and they have a meat and three special menu which comes with tea or coffee. I love their tea but if I drink it at night, it will keep me up at night. I drank one glass and then asked for a glass of water. The waitress looking surprised so I said "I love the tea but the caffeine will keep me up tonight". She said "We have unsweetened tea, too if you don't want to caffeine" Uh, thanks, sweetie :)

--I am a full time speech language pathologist for one company but sometimes, if my caseload is low and therefore, my hours are low, I will do some PRN work. This means that when another full time therapist (for another company) needs help for whatever reason, they may call me to fill in. I generally love this because it is fun, less stressful and they pay more, which is a plus. :). One of the companies, I do PRN work for is always on top of their game, the other company? not so much. Today, I went to do PRN work and all of the patients on my schedule had paperwork due that was almost a month late. If you work with Medicare, you understand the issue with this. If not, it is basically a HUGE no-no for medicare not to mention for my licensure. I was heated and frustrated because I'm trying to help this therapist out and she's placing me in between a rock and a hard place.

--We are counting down to our trip to Louisiana and Alabama. We are at 9 days until our trip. I cannot wait and I can tell I'm ready for a work break as it's become a little stressful lately!

--This morning, Matt left a note on the iPad that said "A kiss for you" when a turned on the iPad, there was a picture of him blowing me a kiss. I love that guy!

--I am going to have lunch with a fellow blogger this weekend and I'm excited about it!

--Matt and I have been on a baked potato kick. It's funny because in our whole marriage, I've probably made them twice but in the last month, we have had them 4 or 5 times.  Funny how food preferences change as time goes on.

--I have been receiving some books for reviews recently. My first review should be up this week!


  1. The caffeine thing is SO funny to me.

  2. Unsweeted, decaf, they are basically the same right? Wade's I assume?

    That stinks about the work thing. I don't deal with medicare but I work with enough people who do.