Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My Golden Birthday {29 on the 29th}

Last week, I celebrated my Golden Birthday. I turned 29 on August 29th. Growing up, Mom (and the rest of my family) always made birthdays super fun. Mom has always said "That's the only day that is JUST for you" and that's how I have always looked at it. Two years ago, we celebrated Matt's Golden Birthday, so it was fun to celebrate both of ours together.

 We started the celebration on Friday the 23rd. Matt and I invited Grandmom and Granddad over for dinner and dessert. Matt made Chicken Pie and Cookies and Cream Cake. the food was delicious! After we ate, we pulled out the dominoes and played several rounds of Chicken Foot. It was a lot of fun! 

Matt had to work all day on my birthday. Since we knew that ahead of time, we went to lunch a few days early. We ate at Wade's which is a yummy southern cooking restaurant here in town. I had Hamburger Steak and Mac & Cheese. It was soooo good. 

On the morning of my birthday, Matt woke up and gave me some presents. He gave me some birthday Oreos and a Reese pumpkin. YUM! He also gave me a really nice dark green scarf and I cannot wait to wear it. Lastly, he gave me a baby book for the baby. It is a Beatrix Potter/Peter Rabbit book and it is precious. It's fun but simple which is nice so it's not overwhelming to complete. 

After presents and before work, we had a Golden Birthday Breakfast at the Golden Arches. So sophisticated, I know! 

After that I headed to work where I was given a Carrot Cake from The Fresh Market. I LOVE that store and the cake was soooo good! The girls at work also gave me a gift card to the Fresh Market. What a treat! 

My best friend, Jill, sent me a gift card for Wendy's and I got lunch from there. A Baconator combo. I was stuffed! It was so good. 

The rest of the day was very low key and relaxed and just right. 

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  1. Lots of yummy food! That's my kind of birthday. That cookies & cream cake looks delicious!