Tuesday, November 26, 2013

When GiGi comes to town

My Mom was here for 17 days from the first day of Mason's life until November 18th. It was such an amazing time. We did a LOT of sitting around as I healed from my c-section. Mom helped with cleaning, laundry, meals and she also did TONS of holding the little guy. She LOVED her snuggles and it's safe to say that Mason enjoy every minute of it too.

Mom left early in the morning on the 18th and there were PLENTY of tears from me. I knew I would cry but I didn't expect it to be so many tears. Darn those hormones! She will come back for a week in December so we can celebrate Christmas early together.

Here are a few pictures Matt took of Mom and Mason together. Another day, he took some of Mom, Mason and me together and I'll plan to post those eventually.

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  1. My parents flew in from Oregon when Kennedy was born and stayed for two weeks. I BAWLED when they left. It was awful. I feel your pain girl! I am glad you get to see her again so soon. :)