Thursday, December 5, 2013

Mason's 1st {Real} Bath

 As previously mentioned, Mason FINALLY lost his umbilical cord on November 26th. We were so glad because who doesn't look forward to giving their little one their first bath!?! Mason was not a fan because it was a little cool. However, since then he has had more baths and we got the water nice and warm and put a little heater in the bathroom and he LOVED IT!! 

Getting ready to get naked!! ;-)

No more cord!! Cant wait to see that belly button once it's completely healed! 

Nothing but the diaper! 

This was just before he realized it was naked. Haha! 

All clean!! 

Mom loves that clean little guy! 

So does Daddy! 

His hair is SOOO fluffy when it's just washed and brushed. LOVE IT!!

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