Monday, July 7, 2014

A few photos from recent days...

Someone was happy happy wearing his "I love my GiGI" onesie. 

This kid loves to play. He can be so content just laying on the floor with a few items. Today, he had a whole bucket-full. 

Y'all, I remember when I could lay him this way in his crib and he was only half the width. Look at him now! 

Jen took these pictures for us when she was keeping Mason while Matt and I were on a date. 

Just wrestling with Curious George

This look just seems a little mischievous. 

Oh, you know, just reading a little Francine Rivers. 

Our new collage. The top left is my Mother's Day gift from Mason, top right is one of Mason's 2 month pictures, middle left is Matt's Father's Day picture, middle right is Mason's 6 month picture, and bottom is our anniversary picture from this year. 

Story time! 

After story time, we met Dad for a quick lunch at Dairy Queen. Mason ate his applesauce and then, he wanted my ice cream. It became downright comical. 

Mason LOVES watermelon. 

Quick breakfast date with my boys!

Mason finished his summer reading program. Each child had to read or be read 50 books. Matt and I read them to Mason and Mason got a fun prize! A bag and an awesome new book. 

Now that Mason is sitting up really well, we decided me might should try sitting him up in the bathtub. He looks so big!! 

My Aunt Celie sent Mason this precious outfit and he looks so sweet in it! 

Mason also decided it was high time he stood all the way up by himself. He has been pulling to his knees for about 10 days but on 7/2, he decided to just come all the way up! 

We love a little FaceTime with GiGi. 

That's all for now! We are off in Montgomery with family and there will be many more pictures when we return. 

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