Monday, December 8, 2014

What's Mason Been Up to These Days?

Well, our little guy is now 13+ months and growing so fast! I don't plan to continue monthly updates but I wanted to post every now and then with what's going our with our little guy. 

--About two weeks ago, I was playing with Mason and I started putting blocks down his shirt. He loved it and started doing it to Matt. At one point, Matt had about 20 blocks and various items shoved down his shirt! Mason even tried putting the iPad in there. HAHA!

--Squealing is a new favorite thing...oh boy is all I have to say about that! 

--Knows our nose and his belly

--Making sweet eyes is a new fun thing Mason can do. It's so sweet and cute! And it's accompanied by that signature nose scrunching.

--We took Mason on his first trip to the zoo on December 4th. It was a cold day but he enjoyed it! 

--Said "Bye Bye" rather than just "Bye" to a random person in the IKEA bathroom

--Throwing a few more fits but we are doing our best to nip those! 

--Biting has taken place a little bit. It's only started with his teething and it is super infrequent. Thankfully, it has only been Matt and myself and we've been able to put him in time out and discourage it. Putting orajel on his gums/teeth when he does it also helps to stop it. I fully believe it's all from teething and not behavioral at this point. 

--Walking!!! Mason began taking steps on October 28th and they were few and far between for a few weeks and then About mid-November, he just took off and he hasn't looked back! It has been so cute seeing him toddle around! 

--Mason started mimicking our laughs in the last little bit and it is HILARIOUS!!! He mostly does it when he hears us laughing in the car and if we keep laughing, he will, too. 

--Mason started pulling toys down and putting them back up. He has also done the same with the Christmas ornaments. 

--When my Mom was here, we watched lots of Walker, Texas Ranger because Mom loves that show and we can get the DVDs at the library. Mason LOVED it! And that just made Mom so happy! 

--Mason also had his first trip to Zaxby's with his Momma and he dipped his own food for the first time. Cutie pie! 

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