Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Momma & Mason Dates

Mason and I have had quite a few fun dates lately. Now, honestly, we spend 90% of our time together but sometimes, we make those times extra special and make them dates! 

We took a morning trip to Target and I couldn't get a picture with this guy for the life of me! 

This was also 1/2 day at DQ so we ate lunch there! Mason had a chicken tender, a banana and some milk. 

I had a mushroom swiss burger. 

Mason ate a little bit of ice cream, too! 

One morning last week, I stopped by our local bakery with Mason and I was going to get him a treat and we would eat at the bakery but it was crowded so we got our treat and came home. Cookie and milk date at home. 

Cute little date. :)

One other day, we ran into Barnes and Noble to play with the train table. It was fun and exhausting...haha! 

I love dates with my best boy. 

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  1. Where have I been?! He is all grown up, how did that happen! Love to see a fellow local out enjoying what our town has to offer...and that cookie...seriously. I can't get over how much icing they use!