Thursday, November 1, 2018

Neewollah 2018

We attended Neewollah at Croft State Park this past Saturday and we all had a blast! Our boys got another chance to wear their costumes. Woohoo! I'll share some more pictures in another post that Matt took. These are from my phone. 

He's ready! 

The boys immediately went to the bounce house and slide and were ready to go! Look at that sweetness! 

There was the bounce house and slide as well as a couple of small campfires, a magician, and some snacks. We met our friends, The Hammitts and The Rasnakes, and had a great time! 

Daddy and his boy. 

These goofs were sharing popcorn. 

Cinderella the Witch??? 

There was a costume contest. None of our kids won but our friends' dog did. :) 

After the playing and contests, we headed into the campsite area to Trick or Treat. It was so great! We couldn't have asked for better weather. The kids ended up loaded with candy! 

The decorations throughout the camping area were so fun! The kids loved that. 

I love us. 

It was a good good time! 

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