Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Mason's Fifth Birthday {Part 2}

Wednesday night before bed, I got some snuggles with my 4 year old for the last time!! 

When we went to take a family picture before bed, Maddox started singing. It was soooo sweet! 

Sleepy boys! 

Thursday morning, Mason was up early to potty and Matt took him right then in his pjs to Wal-Mart for their birthday morning tradition...buying half-off halloween candy! 



Maddox was excited to see Mason when they got back and he was yelling "Happy Birthday!!!" 

When they got back, we had some presents covered in balloons and Mason was excited about those. Just a few small things as obviously the experiences are more what it is about for us. 

He got a couple of games, a wallet, some shoes and I think that's it. Oh, and a Star Wars racetrack that I got from a friend secondhand. They've played with that a great deal already! 


Anna was here by that point and she was helping with presents. :) 


We had some pumpkin cinnamon rolls and put a candle in one to sing to Mason. Maddox helped and Mason was not happy about that! 😂


We had originally planned for park play but it was wet so we headed to Target to look at Halloween clearance, all of the toys and more. They had a blast! 




After that, we headed to the mall to play some. 


On our way home, we ordered pizza and then PawPaw and Aunt Brandy called via FaceTime to sing Happy Birthday! GiGi had called earlier in the day as well as a few other friends and family. 

Once Maddox was napping, we all played Mason's new games. 

Rest time included some Netflix and relaxation. 


I also made a cake to share with our friends later that night. YUM! 

More to come! 

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