Friday, September 23, 2011

Fun Friday

This Fun Friday post might be a little boring because I haven't done too much this week. Job hunt in full force...more to come on that soon. DIY Christmas projects that I hope to finish this weekend. Will be nice to have all of Christmas taken care of this week and then Matt and I can focus on what we would like to do for each other for Christmas. We are excited and can't wait to decorate wherever we are. 

This week, Matt and I have been talking about having kids. We are not pregnant and we are not planning to start a family until sometime next year. BUT, we have picked our names and they are precious! We absolutely love the two names we have picked and we are excited to name some precious babies when the time comes. 

Why aren't we having children yet? Well, we have only been married 9 months and we would like more time just the two of get to know each other, etc. We aren't in the position where we would like to be when we have children. Obviously, if we found out we were pregnant right now, we would be elated but ideally we would like to wait until our life situation is more stable, job wise etc. 

The Lord will provide and we can't wait.

I think I was rambling! :)

No names will be revealed right now but I'll say this their initials will be MMM. :)

Til Then-
Did You Hear About the Morgans? 

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