Saturday, March 31, 2012

March 101 in 1001

Here is our March update!

Our Goals

1. Add a member to our family :)
2. Pay off all student loans.
3. Visit NYC...We are discussing a trip in August. 
4. Take a long road trip.
5. Sell something on Etsy  
6. Have Dad's Crawfish in Louisiana. 
7. Take a trip to Louisiana at least once a year. 
8. Host a holiday in our home.
9. Go camping.
10. Build a real fire.   First weekend in March :)
11. Rent or buy a house.
12. Decorate the outside of a house for Christmas.
13. Stay at the Biltmore.
14. Serve in a soup kitchen.
15. Grow our own tomatoes.
16. ******* ;)
17. Give an item away each time we buy something new (clothing, housewares, etc).  I'm crossing this one off because I believe this has become a hard and fast rule at our house. We have done this consistently for 3 months. 
18. Go on dates at least every other week. 
19. Complete a blog series together.
20. For one month, don't buy anything extra.
21. Contact our family members at least once a week.
22. Go to a shooting range.
23. Go sailing.
24. Get involved in a community service group.
25. Go on a mission trip.
26. Read at least one book a month for a year. 
27. Start a small business. I have an Etsy Business and Matt has started his Photography business! 
28. Fast once a year.
29. Buy a new Christmas ornament each year.
30. Get a massage.
31. Send a card to a friend or family member just for fun.
32. Begin a photography business (big or small).  Matt has started. Can't wait to share his photos. I am PROUD. 
33. Eat at a local/non-chain restaurant every time we travel.
34. Visit a new place once a year. (So far this year, Charlotte, Asheville, Columbia)
35. Ride in a hot air balloon.
36. Attend at least one festival a year in the state where we live.
37. Stay at a B&B.
38. Floss more- at least once a week. (WE HATE FLOSSING) 
39. Give a 100% tip. DONE. Completed on 3/11/12. It was only $14.43 but we were grateful to be able to do it. We will try to do this again before this is over. 
40. Go see a musical.
41. Eat a new type of foods (Korean, African, etc)
42. Repurpose a piece of furniture.
43. Watch a sunrise and photograph it.
44. Explore secret paths.
45. Do something nice for someone anonymously. 
46. Pick fruit at an orchard.
47. Get a library card.
48. Go to a garage sale together.
49. Celebrate our Golden Birthdays in style!
50. Make homemade ice cream.
51. Learn a new hobby together.

Leslie's Goals

52. Lose my desired amount of weight.
53. Continue to utilize this blog to document our lives especially once we start having children.
54. Get a Skype account and use it. 
55. Paint something worth looking at (not just a wall) :)
56. Add at least one cross to my cross collection.
57. Learn to make the best sweet tea my husband has ever tasted. (I'm very close to this!!!)
58. Make homemade marshmallows.
59. Sell/Give away at least one cake that I've decorated for a party/gathering/birthday/etc.
60. Plan a scavenger hunt for Matt.
61. Bake and decorate each of Matt's birthday cakes.
62. Rake someone's leaves.
63. Meet up with at least one other blogger whose blog I read.
64. Complete a blog series or post about our wedding, including the planning. Just for my own sake :)
65. Continue mailing out birthday and anniversary cards to our friends and family.
66. Invite someone to stay with us for a weekend or longer at least once a year.
67. Complete a vlog.
68. Go fishing.
69. Make a point to call my closest friends as often as possible, not just texting.
70. Take a continuing education class related to Autism or other childhood disorders-even though I don't currently work with children.
71. Find a yummy Low Country Boil recipe and cook it.
72. Take at least one picture of Matt and I every time we travel.
73. When we take a long trip (5+ hours one way), drive so that Matt doesn't have to.
74. Take a trip to visit a few special friends (we know who they are).
75. Take a cake decorating class.
76. Read a book, write a blog post about it, and link up with a book club blog.

Matt's Goals

77. Run a 5k.
78. Take a photography class. 
79. Take Leslie to an air show. 
80. Make a picture frame out of an old or hand made window frame.
81. Go to a college football game.
82. Get a dog.
83. Get a new camera lens.
84. Make my wife cry in a good/romantic/sweet/you get the idea way.
85. Give Leslie a love letter at least once a month.
86. Visit Chimney Rock, N.C.
87. Wear a suit, and look good doing it. ;)
88. Visit a new, to me, zoo. Completed on 3/24/12...Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC
89. Watch the Flyers destroy the Hurricanes in Charlotte (hopefully with Leslie).
90. Fix something for someone.
91. Cook something new and exciting.
92. Swim in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.
93. Make something from scratch.
94. Do something with Granddad.
95. Journal more often.
96. Learn all the words to or learn how to play one of Leslie's "high school days" favorite rap songs.
97. Teach something to someone.
98. Ride a horse.
99. Surprise Leslie with surprises.
100. Spend an entire day, literally the entire day, in bed. Hopefully not while sick.
101. Figure out how we will finish all 101 things on this list.

Til then-
Did YOU Hear about the Morgans? 

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