Thursday, March 29, 2012

Open Letters, Part 2

The first post like this was so fun that I thought I'd do another one...

Dear Underage Drinker,

You know that's illegal right? Also, it's completely uncool that you post pictures of the wild and crazy outings you have. 

Slightly more mature woman

Dear Zoo Giraffe,

It's really best to keep those intimate moments with your lady friend more private. I guess Spring really is in the air in your neighborhood!

Scarred for Life Zoo Visitor

Dear Salted Caramel Sauce inventor,

We LOVE You!

Sweet Tooth

Dear Facebook Friend,

STEP AWAY from the status update box when you consider writing a status that is VERY personal about your life. My oh my...

Facebook friend who has just hidden your status updates

Dear Hulu,

Thanks for having Doogie Howser re-runs on your site. It has made us laugh A LOT! Also, we had no idea that show had so much sexual "stuff" on it. CRAZY.

The Morgan's

Dear Highway Departments,

I understand you are having to make budget cuts BUT I really miss having streetlights when I'm driving and it's dark. Bring them back? Just a thought.

Street Light Lover

Dear Hulu,

We LOVE Doogie but we DISLIKE your crazy commercials.

The Cheap Morgan's who don't have Hulu+

Dear Older Man in Green Tank Top,



Dear Car Maker (Chevy, Ford, Subaru, Honda, Etc)

You may want to check the blinkers on all of your cars. It seems that when I'm driving on the interstate that no one's blinkers are working. It's rampant so I figured you should know. Hope you get it fixed soon! ;-)

Car Owner whose blinkers work :)

Til then-
Did YOU Hear about the Morgans? 

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