Monday, March 19, 2012

Ultimate Wedding Week Link Up: Engagement Photos

One of the blogs I follow is currently doing a series called: 

Today's topic is Engagement Photos so I thought I would share some of ours. Our photographer was Jodi Herring. She photographed a friend's wedding and we loved their pictures so we hired her. She took our engagement photos but then it turns out she didn't remember/know about a vacation her family had planned and she had to cancel. Complete BUMMER! But nonetheless, we got these photos and then we hired someone else for the wedding and we LOVED her too.

Here they are...a stroll down memory lane

These first several are just your basic "smile" pictures

But these last four are my all time favorite. These pictures portray our personalities so strongly and we had a BLAST taking them.

Hope you enjoyed looking at our engagement photographs. Hope you'll come back and read our blog again!

Til then-
Did YOU Hear about the Morgans?

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