Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Panini Sandwiches

Matt and I love a good sandwich. We hardly ever go out to eat sandwiches because restaurants charge so much money but we make them at home from time to time. This past Saturday we went to a restaurant in Greenville, SC called Luna Rosa. We had heard they had awesome gelato and we had to try it. Their menu is small but includes some salads, soups, pasta dishes, pizzas and panini sandwiches. We wanted to splurge on gelato so we opted for panini sandwiches. The sandwiches we got were SOOOO GOOOD and it made us want to make some at home.

We had talked about getting a panini press before we were married but decided there were definitely more needed gifts than that. Saturday we decided to use our George Foreman grill and try to make panini sandwiches that way AND it worked!

Sunday, we had Matt's grandparents over after church for the rest of the day. We were having a heavy dinner so we wanted a lighter lunch so we made panini sandwiches.  We used pumpernickel bread and whole wheat bread, a variety of cheeses, turkey and BBQ beef and grilled onions. I put a little butter on the outside of each piece and made the sandwich up like normal. Once the grill was hot, we placed the sandwiches on and they were done in less than 3 minutes. They were so good!

We will definitely be making many more panini sandwiches on our George Foreman Grill this summer!

Let me know if you try it!

Til then-
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