Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Our Second Christmas!

Here's a quick run down of our Christmas Morning! 

Stylin' in our Christmas PJ's! 

Stocking Time! 

We buy gifts  under the premise: "Want, Need, Wear, Read and Something to do together" 

I got earrings and a necklace. Matt got a card to go buy a toolbox and Season 1 of Person of Interest


Matt got an electric toothbrush and a wallet and I got new heads for my toothbrush and 2013 inserts for my calendar





Something to do together

I got a card to go buy new perfume together :)

AND a while back I had been given a stone from my stepdad and it was just a loose stone. I asked Matt to try and get it set for me to wear as a necklace. He did so well!!! 

Then we had breakfast together. I made Sausage and Polenta casserole and we have sparkling white grape juice and chocolate milk. It was so yummy!!! 

Later on in the day, we headed to Matt's grandparents. Before they asked us to come, we had just planned to be at home together and eat cheese and crackers so we just took that over to their house to celebrate the day with them. 

Later in the day, we had a simple Christmas dinner. 

And to end on a funny note :)

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