Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wreaths I've recently Made

In an effort to make some of our dreams come true, I've been working on growing my Etsy business. Right now, I'm working on wreaths. I have made several Fabric Scrap Wreaths which you can see here and I am working on several yarn wreaths to list this weekend. We are also working on something that we are excited about and hope to figure out and get listed soon. Here are my latest creations. Visit our Etsy shop via the link above to look at them more and purchase if you so desire. 

4th of July Wreath 

Spring Wreath/Gender Neutral Wreath 

Baby Girl Wreath 

Baby Boy Wreath 

Spring Wreath/Baby Girl Wreath 

A wreath a made for a 1st Birthday (not listed on Etsy but if you're interested, let me know) 

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