Friday, April 5, 2013

Pictures from Lately

Here's what we have been up to in random pictures! 

I've had several good hair days lately. Here's one of them.

Yummy Saturday breakfast in bed. Homemade biscuits and eggs. 

Getting sweet text messages with pictures of family. 
Nephew with new hat. 

Bro and Sis in law with new niece Emelia. 

Getting our garden ready. First step...planting onions. 

Making lots of wreaths and crossing my fingers that the PO gets them there on time! 

Playing Dominoes. 

More pics of baby Emelia and planning our trip in May to meet her. 

Celebrating Easter. Love my guy. 

Monday Cupcake Date @ Gigi's using a Christmas Giftcard. 

Text message from Sweet friend Jill with an ultrasound picture of her first baby! Can't wait to meet this baby! 

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