Wednesday, April 17, 2013

{TOP} Things we are looking forward to...

Matt and I have had a CRAZY couple of weeks. It feels like time has flown by and I'm not sure what we've done with it! We celebrated Matt's birthday on March 26th and that was 3 weeks ago---doesn't seem possible. We got a storage unit behind our rental house so we've spent some time moving things around in there and clearing out the previous unit we were renting. That's been time consuming for sure. We've also switched around our room and the guest room. We knew we would eventually do this but when we moved items from the storage unit, it seemed like the best time. With that has come added work and some fun.

I guess all of those things together have caused the time to fly and here we are on April 17th!

We have some fun trips and happenings coming up this Spring and Summer. Here's a quick run down.

THIS Saturday, we head to Raleigh for the Flyers' hockey game which is part of Matt's birthday. On our way there, we will stop by Chimney Rock for their Bi-annual Membership Sunrise Breakfast. We missed the last one so we are really excited about this one.

Then, during the first weekend in May, we will head to Nashville to see Matt's sister's family and meet our newest niece Emelia. She will be 6 weeks old then and we are ecstatic to meet her and see everyone else as well.

Then, 3 weeks after that, we take a big trip! We will leave on May 24th and come home June 2nd. We will get to see lots of friends, family and celebrate TONS of fun events while we are there. I've already started making my list of place I want to eat while we are in's a necessity for this girl! I told Matt I want to have snowballs everyday! :) (Mom, can we handle that?)

Lastly, in July, we take a trip to Pennsylvania to see Matt's Dad's whole family. It will be a LOT of stuff crammed into a short weekend but hopefully LOTS of fun too!

By the end of the summer, we will have seen most of our friends and family but unfortunately, not all.  But since we can't have it all? We will take most.

What are your Spring and Summer Plans?


  1. Wow-you guys are going to be busy! :) Sounds like fun! I look forward to seeing lots of pictures;)

  2. Your summer looks like it's gonna be a good one! Can't wait to see pictures :)

  3. Wow ya'll are going to be on the go...sounds like a summer of fun and family.