Saturday, March 15, 2014

Crash the Chatterbox {A Book Review}

Steven Furtick is the pastor of Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC which is just about an hour from us here in Spartanburg, SC. He has come to preach at our church a few times and he is good friends with our pastor, Perry Noble. So, when I saw that his newest book, Crash the Chatterbox, was up for review with Blogging for Books, I knew I had to check it out!

**You can read a bit more about Steven here & the first chapter of the book is available as a sneak peek here

Crash the Chatterbox is a book written to give ways to help a believer hear God's voice in life even when there are so many other voices/opinions coming toward you. This book was extremely well written and I thought Steven did an excellent job of stating his point in the book. I was a bit nervous at first because when I've heard Steven preach before, I had a hard time staying focused. So did my husband. We have discussed it and still aren't sure if it had to do with the topic he happened to be preaching on that day, our inability to focus for whatever reason, or if we just didn't love his preaching style. Nonetheless, I was a big fan of his writing style and this book. 

The book is based on four confessions which Steven states "are meant to function like noise-canceling headphones for your mind, heart and soul. These are truths about God and truths about you that come straight from God's word...The confessions are life-giving, faith-increasing statements that are designed for you to repeat in your heart and mind, even rehearse out loud."

The four truths/confessions are: 

Confession 1: God says I am. 
Overpowering the lies of the Enemy in your insecurities

Confession 2: God says He will.
Overpowering the lies of the Enemy in your fears

Confession 3: God says he has. 
Overpowering the lies of the Enemy in your condemnation

Confession 4: God says I can
Overpowering the lies of the Enemy in your discouragement 

In the book, each of the above confessions has its own section where Steven describes each one, gives pertinent real-life examples from either his life or the life of someone close to him and also gives scripture to support each confession. 

I thoroughly enjoyed how much Steven shared about his own life in the pages of this book. Sometimes, I feel like an author will write a book like this one to help direct others to a victory of some sort but he/she doesn't offer actual real life examples. I don't know about you but I don't want to hear about how   to do something from someone who has no real like experience. 

The book also balances the real life of now with the scriptural truths from the Bible. Steven uses biblical stories from the life of Jesus, Jeremiah, Elijah, and others to bring the truths home. The main take-away that I gleaned from this book is that we have to persistent in our battle against the Enemy, Satan, and we have to be sure to speak truth over our lives from the Bible as well as allow others to speak truth over our lives. We have to be diligent to silence the voice of the Enemy and therefore, magnify/turn up the volume on God's voice. 

Now that I've read this book, I would strongly consider going back and reading Steven Furtick's other books. Great book!

**I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for this review.

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