Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Knoxville February 2014

Back in December, Mandy had planned to come to Spartanburg for a visit since she wanted to meet Mason and help me out in any way she could. Well, due to unforeseen circumstances, she couldn't come when she had planned so they invited us to come to Knoxville for a weekend.

We were able to arrive on Friday evening and stay through Sunday morning. It was just the right length of time for traveling with the little guy right now. We had such a fun time and all of the Moody family got to meet Mason.

Mason was either starting to catch something or he was beginning to teethe because he was a bit of a fusser-buttons but we managed. :)

Friday night when we arrived, we had just a few minutes to say hi to all of the kids before they went to bed. Then, Matt and I visited with Jeff and Mandy some. It was probably our best visit as far as "talk time" goes because Jeff is finished with his comps so he was able to just chill more and we all enjoyed catching up.

Saturday morning, we went to a pancake breakfast for a local school and then hung out at Market Square in downtown Knoxville. It's a neat area with lots of shops and restaurants. Saturday afternoon brought naps for some and more visit time for others. We had yummy hamburgers and sweet potato fries for dinner. Saturday night, we got to visit some more and watch a bit of the Olympics.

Sunday morning Mason was up early so Matt and I were as well! We had a good breakfast and early lunch and we celebrated Lela turning 2!!! It was a fun morning.

We got back on the road about 11:30 and got home mid afternoon. It was fun and we are looking forward to seeing them again next time they invite us for a weekend.

P.S. Mason was a big fan of the Moody girls! They sure doted on him!

**I put all of the pictures at the end because it was easiest at the time. :)

Mason was ready to go!

The Moody kids loved on Mason. 

Savell and I took selfies at the pancake breakfast!

Mandy got some loving in too! Mason was a big fan! ;)

Matt spent time with Lela! More pictures to come from his camera.

Mandy made this AWESOME painting for Mason's room! It's going above his crib!

Matt practiced using the Ergo. We are thinking about getting one. Not sure about the cost though! looking hard at Craigslist for a good deal!

Matt and Mason are sitting in a little red chair in this picture. This chair was in the Moody's house in Montgomery and Matt always sat in it during small group. Our relationship flourished in small group so it was kind of an "awww" moment to see Matt sitting in the chair with our son!

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