Sunday, August 24, 2014

Louisiana Trip {August 2014} Day 2 & 3

On this trip, I worked really hard to keep Mason on his schedule to make the eventual transition back to home easier. That meant that he would wake up at 6:00a.m. each morning since he wakes at 7:00a.m. at home. This worked well for the most part.
Early on our second day, Mason was having a meeting of the minds with some friends at GiGi's house.

We sent "Good Morning" pics back and forth with Dad! 

Mason had his first taste of cheeseballs thanks to his Rarry. He was a fan! 

Later on that day, we went to town for a bit for a snowball. When we got home, we hid under a towel while GiGi got the dog pulled aside because Mason decided he didn't like dogs very much this trip. :-/. Thankfully by the end of the trip, he had adjusted to them. 

Two Goofy's! 

Side note: We borrowed a Pack and Play from a friend for this trip since we flew and didn't want to pack ours. We weren't able to get the Pack and Play put together (likely user error). While I was working on it, Mom was on the floor with Mason. She looked under the bed at my grandmother's house and found this incredible antique porta-crib!! SCORE! It is awesome! 

Friday morning brought more morning pictures between us and Dad! 

We went by Wal-mart and GiGi got Mason this cute pj's! His Dad was awful proud! 

Before we could get to lunch, Mason needed a snack ;-). 

We stopped by Master Chef and had sweet tea and chicken and dumplings! YUM!

That night, Rarry made yummy spaghetti and meatballs and Mason LOVED IT! It was his first time to eat it. 

I ended my night with a selfie sent to Matt, chat time with my Mom and ICE CREAM!

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