Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Louisiana Trip {August 2014} Day 6 & 7

We had originally planned to stay every night at my Mom's but when we ended up packing a little differently, overnight trips didn't seem too hard so we stayed two nights with my Dad and Susan. 

Mason woke up early the first morning and was exploring quickly! :)

Nothing like early morning snuggles with PawPaw!

Mason LOVED this table in the living room because it was the perfect height for him to stand up at and play with his toys. 

We stayed at Dad's hanging out/chilling out until afternoon. Then, we headed out for a few visits. We stopped by Susan's store where Mason was infatuated with the lights/bright colors as seen below! 

Tried to get a good pic of Mason with Sue (MiMi) but Mason was too busy! :)

Next stop was by SLU (my undergrad Alma Mater) to visit Aunt Celie who works with the Campus Activities Board. She gave Mason a Leo Lion. :)

We made a stop by to see Dee Dee at work and then to get Raising Cane's for snack/supper. It was fun but we were sweaty and hot so we headed home. 

Mason enjoyed a little play time

Then a little FaceTime with Dad. 

A few snuggles with PawPaw ended the night for Mason. 
Tuesday morning, we woke up and had a little more time with PawPaw and MiMi before GiGi came to pick us up. 

We then met up with some of GiGi's former co-workers who are also retired. We ate at CiCi's and enjoyed some visit time! Mrs. Mary got Mason this rattle and he LOVES it! 

The group! 

Dinner time came quickly (or so it seemed) and Mason grew a mashed potato beard. :)

Mom and I ended the night watching a little tv and visiting some more. It was such a fun day! 

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