Monday, August 25, 2014

Louisiana Trip {August 2014} Days 4 & 5

Day 4 started early as my little Mister woke up with the chickens. :) I laid down a bit and let him play! 

Then I got dressed and fixed my hair which I later regretted because it was so freaking hot!

While Mom, Mason and I started our Saturday, Matt and Granddad were back in SC fishing.

We headed out that morning to meet my Great Aunt Betty Joe and cousin, Tracy. Before we met them, we made a stop at Children's Place and Hallmark and got tons of stuff on clearance. We purchased about 20 items of clothing for fall and summer for for $35!

We had lunch at Olive Garden and Mason got lots of yummy food to eat as well as LOTS of snuggles from two sweet ladies! So many of these pictures are similar but I love them ALL!

After Olive Garden, we headed to Old Navy because Mom had some reward dollars to spend. We got some great deals there too. We made a stop for beignets and then to give PawPaw kisses. Our last stop was Wal-Mart and Mason was tired of being in the car/cart/contained!

While we shopped, Matt was home grilling! He missed us (and we missed him) but he enjoyed some Bachelor time, too! 

Sunday Morning came and brought church for us

On our way, we stopped for donuts! 

After church, we went to my Dad's and my Aunt Celie came. We got a quick picture of them together in the outfit she gave him before he ate spaghetti!! 


Mason had to have a bath and then we put on one of Mason's other outfits from Aunt Celie. We say "Go Yankees" only for her!

Dad and Sue surprised me with a 30th birthday cake! Mom took many pictures! :)

Mason loves his PawPaw

Aunt Celie and PawPaw gave that sweet boy some cake!! Also, the cake was Gentilly Berry and it was AWESOME!!

Second round of Spaghetti!

The cake...YUM!

The end of day 5 was lots of snuggles with my boy and lots of snuggles between Mason and PawPaw.

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