Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Late August - Early September Picture Catch Up

Rather than doing many many separate posts, I just decided to do a big ole posts of pictures from the last few weeks. 

Just a little playing outside. 

This kid loves PJS!

One of my favorite pictures ever! This face :)

Morning snuggles with Daddy

Bathtime is his favorite time! 

A little boy in overalls. LOVE!

More PJs

The best part of the Edible arrangement from Mom was the chocolate dipped pineapple. I could eat that daily! 

My Music Man

Even more PJs! 

I was working one Sunday when Matt took Mason to church. He said Mason was so busy, it was impossible to get a decent pic. 

But after church, he was very chill (read: sleepy) :)


More bathtime! Most evening meals end with bath time because this boy is quite messy.

We tried to get a pic of Mason and Grandmom. He was again, too busy for that. 

Big guy can hold his squeezees by himself. By the way, these reusable ones are awesome! 


Play with ALL of the trucks and trains! 

Mason LOVES Matt's water bottle. He will be getting his own one day soon! 

Oh and just a few more PJs. 

Mason is such a big helper for Mom ;-)

A few fun pictures with Momma

This was such a cute moment until he dropped the watermelon bowl on the floor. #RookieParents

And just for good measure, let's end it with one more set of PJs. A friend gave us so many sets at hand me downs! YAY! and I purchased a few pair from another friend for $2 a set. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

And that catches us up. :)

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