Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Southern Foodie's Guide to the Pig {A Book Review}

**I received this book for free from BookLook in exchange for my honest review.**

It's no secret that my husband and I love to cook. We like to be in the kitchen together (or separate) or grilling outside. Matt is currently asking for a smoker for Christmas because he wants to smoke everything that will let him. HAHA! When I saw this book from Chris Chamberlain, The Southern Foodie's Guide to the Pig, I knew it would interest both of us. It was like Christmas when the book arrived in the mail and I had a hard time putting it down. 

The pages of The Southern Foodie's Guide to the Pig are filled with important and interesting tips about  how and why the pig is the most versatile animal for eating. History is woven through the first section which was super cool. Also, included in the first section of the book is a list of all of the different portions of the pig and the best way to cook them. Various rubs and BBQ sauce recipes are included as well and had my mouth watering! 

Section two shares restaurants who are known for their interesting dishes of pork including drinks, appetizers, entrees and even desserts. Several restaurants near us were included so that was nice to see. Hopefully, we get to try one out soon! 

My favorite section was the third and final section. Recipes were included for special recipes of the restaurants mentioned in section two. I know for certain that we will be making some of these recipes soon. And if we could afford them, maybe all of them. HAHA! 

Overall, I thought this was an awesome resource to have and I as I type this review, my husband sits on the couch across from me reading each page for himself! 

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  1. I love BBQ so this book sounds fabulous! Though I much prefer someone else cooking it for me :) The Book Look Blogger group looks like fun. Do you enjoy being a part of it? How often do you recieve books to review?

  2. A smoker would be great. My cousin has one, and it's great for large family meals.