Thursday, September 11, 2014

Mason's 1st Overnight Stay & Date Night For Mom & Dad

A week or so ago, we set up a date night and our friend Jenn said she would keep Mason overnight, too. It was such a treat. I took a few pictures of my boy with our sweet sweet friend! This was Mason's first time away from me. 

Matt and I went to Olive Garden for dinner because we had 2 gift cards and covered our full meal! Matt was investigating different kinds of pasta so we knew what we were going to get. 

We started off with salad and breadsticks. I'm such a goof! 

For dinner, we got Roasted Garlic Alfredo with grilled chicken, tortellini al forno and risotto bites. SO GOOD! Everything was delicious! 

Love my best guy! 

We walked a bit around Target because we were stuffed full of pasta. 

This left room for a little yogurt. :)

We got caramel pretzel cheesecake. Oh my! 
We ended our date with a few episodes of Blue Bloods and enjoyed our night together. The next morning we picked up Mason and finished our date with a family breakfast date to Waffle House. 

Thanks for the blessing, Jenn!