Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Nashville Trip: Day 3 {October 2018}

Friday morning also came early. Way too early. So after a failed attempt at TV time...

We went to get donuts...duh. The Donut Palace did NOT disappoint. 


That blueberry donut was one of my top donuts ever. 

We went back home and packed up the car and ran an errand before heading up to downtown Nashville to visit the Adventure Science Center. 

The center was incredibly fun and we played hard for 2ish hours. 





When we left, we headed down near Vanderbilt University and grabbed lunch at SATCO. Yum! This was our good-bye to the Canters. It was a good couple of days! 

Since admission to the science center was all day and Maddox needed a nap, we drove back and Matt and Mason went inside while this happened...

They played another hour + and then we headed toward our dinner spot. 

There it is! Highly recommend Hugh Baby's if in Nashville. 
Matt's brother, Ben, and his wife, Anne, met us for dinner and that began our visit with them! 

Nashville has tons of murals and this one was right by our dinner spot. Loved it. 

Goodness...I can't hardly handle this sweetness. 

Once again, sleep was hard-earned. :) 

More to come...

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