Sunday, December 9, 2018

The Morgan's Movements 2018 {Week 46}

Several weeks ago, Mason had a bit of a cough so he and I hung at home while Matt and Maddox went to church. Maddox felt pretty special. 

That afternoon brought a good nap for that little one. Look at how much he loves his Daddy. 

Who knew marker tops were so fun!?! 

One morning, we headed to ALDI to pick up some flannel sheets for Mason and for some friends. . 

Look at this sweet boy!?! We dropped Mason off at Grandmom's for an art lesson and we went to Ingles to walk around. :) 

Even those it was short lived, he had a great time! 

We even got to have lunch with Grandmom. 

Mason's creations. He learned about primary and secondary colors. 

He made this based off on something he saw in the room. 

And! a lion! 

Maddox was playing with blocks one afternoon and he made "International Fest". ❤️

We went to ALDI one afternoon and the boys got me to pick up these Spiderman pillows. I couldn't say no. 

We got a WHOLE day with our buddy Anna! She was asking Mason to tell her about the superheroes in the book he was reading. :) 

We went to the pet store. Such a fun time! 

We went to McDonald's to play for a while. Sweet friends. 


During Maddox's nap time, these kids and I played Sorry!! 

We also got to put a star on our tree thanks to a friend!! 

That Wednesday, I had a CEU and Matt took the boys to CFA for lunch and story time. 

Maddox won the book! 

More block time...

Check out that hair!! 

All clean...❤️

Boys in robes...that they are outgrowing. 

Love this one. 

Play time before bed is always fun! 

This would be Spiderman. 

Matt's Hamilton ticket arrived! He's got just a few days left until he goes! 

Love them. 

We went to the Children's Museum one morning and the boys had a BLAST!





They are so cool. Mason is wearing mine. 😂

We set up on Christmas stuff. Flags, snowman, lights. We are READY! 


While helping me shop at Target! 

The next Sunday, Maddox was stuck at home with a cough. He was glad for church online. ❤️

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