Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Maddox Says & Does {16}

When we went to the park and were leaving after time with friends Maddox said "Good Good day!"

After listening to a song, Mason was saying "messiah". Maddox started saying "McDonald's-siah!" 😂

While nature walking, Maddox walks up to me with a yellow flower, "Momma dat for you!"

For Thanksgiving breakfast, we were naming various things we were thankful for. Maddox said he loved Granddad and then he stopped and said "I love both of them!" 

When watching a show one evening, Maddox looked over at Mason and noticed how his hands were sitting. He immediately moved his hands to the same spot. 

"Satellite" BIG WORD!!

One night at dinner, he asked Matt to take off his mustache. 😂

One night Maddox had a book in his bed and I took it out before sleep time and he began bawling crying. He laid down and said so sweetly, "Momma I kying (crying.)" Sweet boy. 

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