Monday, March 18, 2019

Christmas 2018...Some forgotten photos!

I hoooooope this is the week when I get caught up on blogging. I have loved this for 10+ years but when I got behind at the first of the year, I have had the hardest time catching up. 

Matt took some pictures on his camera at Christmas time and we never shared them! 

Look at this handsome FIVE year old! 

Love them so much. 

We just cannot deal with these two little crazies...

GiGi and her boys. 

Goodness...this one is WILD! and so sweet at the same time! 

Always joking going on around here. 

On Christmas morning, I didn't want to be consumed with trying to get pictures so we got a few good shots with the stockings. 


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  1. Ah, your boys are so big! I see them on Instagram too, but I'm trying to comment on blogs more. :-)