Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The Morgan's Movements 2019: Week 8

Oh the snuggles with this love bug. 

And this one...

Two handsome guys ready for the day!

Story time. Best time. 

This doesn't last long but I have to capture when it does. 

More snuggles...I'm sensing a theme.

Daddy took the boys to Pump-It-Up one afternoon and they jumped and sweat and wore themselves out!


Stroller Roller sweetness.

Bath time continues to be one of their favorite activities. I don't blame them.

Basketball Stretching...

Saturdays together are the best. 

These blocks were purchased for counting, etc but they are great for inventing things as well! 

Children's museum on a Sunday afternoon was a GOOD idea! 





Someone needed to try out Mom's sunglasses on our walk. ❤️


LEGO block party invention by Maddox!

We visited a homeschool co-op and Mason just jumped right in!


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